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Vigil is now renewed for the season 2 which has been premiered on 20th December 2023. You can watch Vigil Series 2 in USA on BBC iPlayer via a VPN. This British crime drama Vigil intensifies as it explores the mysterious depths of maritime intrigue, offering American viewers a compelling narrative packed with suspense and unexpected twists. Vigil Season 2 shifts from submarine-centric to drone warfare, exploring moral, political, ethical, and institutional issues. The protagonists, DCI Amy Silva and DI Kirsten Longacre, navigate a complex web of duty, justice, and personal sacrifice.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Vigil Season 2 In USA

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Where Can I Watch Vigil Season 2 In USA

American viewers looking to watch Vigil bbc in USA can do so on BBC iPlayer. This streaming platform offers easy access to the series, allowing US fans to delve into the suspenseful world of this British crime drama but you will need a VPN to unlock the BBC iPlayer in USA & to watch bbc vigil online free. Here is the subscription package of BBC iPlayer

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1-year Plan$4.99$5.79$6.99
2-year Plan$3.79$4.59$5.79

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Vigil Season 2 Release Date

Vigil Season 2, premiered on BBC iPlayer on December 10, 2023. For viewers in the United States looking to catch this gripping drama, it’s available on BBC iPlayer, offering a thrilling continuation of the story.

About Vigil Season 2

Vigil Season 2 takes a departure from its submarine-centric plot in the first season, now focusing on the world of drone warfare. Creator Tom Edge promises a narrative that explores moral and political compromises, ethical dilemmas, and institutional priorities. The central theme of loyalty is woven into the storyline, raising thought-provoking questions about to whom or what our loyalties are owed. The protagonists, DCI Amy Silva and DI Kirsten Longacre find themselves in a world of deadly drones, navigating a complex web of duty, justice, and personal sacrifice.

Vigil Series 2 Review On IMDb

Vigil Season 2 has received 7.4/10 ratings on IMDB & Here is the Vigil Season 2 Review on IMDb by a user

I enjoyed the first few episodes but it failed to keep up the same level of excitement. Some parts of the plot were strained and over-thought, others not believable. The ending was a damp squib.


Cast Of Series 2 Of Vigil

Here is the list of Vigil Season 2 Cast

  • Suranne Jones as Amy Silva: Jones reprises her role as the determined DCI Amy Silva, leading the investigation with her characteristic tenacity.
  • Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre: Leslie returns as DI Kirsten Longacre, Silva’s equally formidable colleague and ally.
  • Shaun Evans as Glover: Evans brings to life the character of Glover, adding another layer of complexity to the show’s dynamics.
  • Paterson Joseph as Newsome: Joseph portrays Newsome, a character whose motives and actions add intrigue.
  • Adam James as Prentice: James plays Prentice, whose interactions are pivotal to the unfolding narrative.
  • Connor Swindells as Hadlow: Swindells’ portrayal of Hadlow is set to bring a new perspective to the storyline.
  • Gary Lewis as Robertson: Lewis continues as DSU Robertson, a character central to the series’ thematic exploration.
  • Lolita Chakrabarti as Branning: Chakrabarti’s role as Branning adds further nuance to the show’s ensemble.
  • Anjli Mohindra as Tiffany Docherty: Mohindra portrays Tiffany Docherty, a character whose storyline promises to be engaging.
  • Lorne MacFadyen as Doward: MacFadyen plays Doward, whose role is anticipated to be critical in season 2.
  • Amir El-Masry: El-Masry joins the cast in a yet-to-be-disclosed role, expected to add a fresh dynamic.
  • David Elliot: Elliot’s inclusion in the cast hints at new plot developments.
  • Chris Jenks: Jenks is set to bring his unique acting style to the series.
  • Tommy Sim’aan: Sim’aan joins the ensemble, likely to introduce an interesting subplot.
  • Oscar Salem: Salem’s participation adds to the already impressive cast.
  • Jonathan Ajayi: Ajayi is another new addition, expected to play a significant part.
  • Hiba Medina: Medina rounds out the cast, poised to contribute to the series’ narrative complexity.

Watch Vigil Season 2 Trailer

Vigil Season 2 Episode Guide

There are total 6 episodes in this Vigil series & here is the guide for them.

  • Vigil Season 2 Episode 1 -Sun, Dec 10, 2023: DCI Amy Silva is brought in to investigate when a military weapons test goes fatal.
  • Vigil Season 2 Episode 2 -Mon, Dec 11, 2023: Amy pursues a new lead to the Middle East after escaping a shooter with her life.
  • Vigil Season 2 Episode 3 -Tue, Dec 12, 2023: Eliza advises Amy to take charge of her inquiry after an officer is stabbed on base. Meanwhile, Kirsten unearths crucial evidence connecting a squadron member to the attack.
  • Vigil Season 2 Episode 4 -Mon, Dec 11, 2023: Amy and Eliza are being kept prisoner by the dissidents at the center of the inquiry, who want their assistance in infiltrating the facility. Kirsten will go to any length to find Amy.
  • Vigil Season 2 Episode 5 -Mon, Dec 18, 2023: Amy is doubting everything in the aftermath of a horrific rescue effort; Kirsten urges her to return home, but Amy refuses.
  • Vigil Season 2 Episode 6 -Tue, Dec 19, 2023: Amy learns the entire scope of the scheme, and she must decide if she is willing to risk all to pursue those responsible.

Character Development: Silva’s Evolution

Suranne Jones’s portrayal of DCI Amy Silva evolves significantly in this season. Silva transitions from a specialist in submarine investigations to a more complex character dealing with high-stakes military wrongdoing. This evolution allows for a more intricate exploration of her character and how she navigates these new challenges

Vigil Season 2 Finale Episode

The ending of Vigil Season 2 is a masterpiece of suspense and revelation. Set against the backdrop of a military plane journey back to Scotland, the episode unwinds with unexpected twists, holding viewers captive until the very end. The intrigue deepens as Wes Harper (Jonathan Ajayi) emerges in a pivotal role, propelling the narrative into a maze of espionage and deception. This final chapter masterfully ties together the intricate plotlines woven throughout the season, leaving audiences both satisfied and longing for more

Where Was Vigil Season 2 Filmed

The filming of Vigil Season 2 takes viewers on a visual journey through diverse and striking locations. Significant parts of the series were filmed in the historic city of Glasgow, Scotland, utilizing its unique urban landscape to set the tone of the drama. Adding to the international feel, the Middle Eastern scenes were shot in Morocco, creating the fictional country of Wudyan. This blend of Scottish and Moroccan settings provides a rich, authentic backdrop that enhances the gripping narrative and brings depth to the show’s complex geopolitical themes

Themes and Messages

Season 2 of Vigil continues to delve into themes of corruption, power, and the moral ambiguities within the armed forces. The series raises questions about the cost of secrecy and the price of national security. Through its complex characters and intricate plot, Vigil Season 2 challenges viewers to consider the ethical dilemmas faced by those in power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who created ‘Vigil Season 2’?

Tom Edge is the creator of Vigil Season 2

Who are the main cast members in ‘Vigil Season 2’?

The main cast includes Suranne Jones, Rose Leslie, and Gary Lewis, among others.

Is ‘Vigil Season 2’ a continuation of Season 1?

Yes, it continues the storyline from the first season, building upon the established narrative and characters.

Final Thoughts!

As Vigil Season 2 concludes on BBC Player, American viewers are left gripping the edges of their seats. The thrilling denouement to this intense drama unveils the mastermind behind the MPAS drone software, tying up intricate storylines in a finale that is as unexpected as it is satisfying.

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