How To Watch ‘The Michael Blackson Show’ On BET+ Outside USA?

Comedy enthusiasts, gear up for the much-awaited BET+ Original series, The Michael Blackson Show, set to debut on July 27, 2023. With a stellar lineup featuring the likes of Clayton English and April Parker Jones, this uproarious series is guaranteed to leave audiences in stitches. For those residing outside the USA and facing restrictions on BET+, don’t worry! You can still catch all the fun of The Michael Blackson Show from any corner of the world.

A trustworthy VPN service can be your gateway to access The Michael Blackson Show globally.

This guide will elucidate the steps to ensure you don’t miss out on this laughter-packed series, irrespective of your geographic location. So, stock up on your favorite snacks and prepare to delve into the comedic world of The Michael Blackson Show, even if you’re beyond the US borders!

Quick Steps: How to Watch The Michael Blackson Show outside USA

Follow these simple steps to watch The Michael Blackson Show

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to BET+

  5. Watch The Michael Blackson Show on BET+

When is The Michael Blackson Show set to premiere?

Circle the date of July 27, 2023, on your calendar, as that’s when The Michael Blackson Show will light up your screens with its comedic flair. This BET+ Original promises a delightful mix of humor and witty dialogues.

How can I stream The Michael Blackson Show online in the US?

For those in the US, watching The Michael Blackson Show is a breeze! The much-anticipated BET+ Original will debut on the BET+ platform. Simply navigate to the BET+ website or use their app, and immerse yourself in the comedy that awaits.

If you’re outside the US and feel left out, worry not! A dependable VPN can help you overcome geographic barriers, letting you access BET+ and all its content, including The Michael Blackson Show, no matter where you are on the globe.

Explore More About The Michael Blackson Show?

Certainly! The Michael Blackson Show, a BET+ original, revolves around the life of Michael Black, a dedicated teacher committed to enlightening young students about global history. He aims to spark their curiosity about the past, emphasizing its relevance. Yet, while he’s a force to be reckoned with in the classroom, his personal life paints a contrasting picture.

Watch The Michael Blackson Show

The show likely explores the humorous and sometimes chaotic aspects of Michael Black’s personal life outside of school. It might delve into his relationships, friendships, and the various challenges he faces while juggling his teaching career and personal endeavors. As a comedy series, it would likely use Michael’s unique personality and witty humor to entertain viewers while also highlighting the importance of education and the complexities of modern life.

Official Synopsis 

Michael Black is a teacher who wants to impress young minds with the importance of world history; however, his personal life is another story.


The Michael Blackson Show Episode Details 

Episode 1 – The First Day – July 27, 2023

On his first day as a high school history teacher, Michael finds himself unexpectedly teaching a subject he’s unfamiliar with. To add to his troubles, at the end of his first class, he is discovered by Ms. Randolph in a compromising position.

Episode 2 – The First Day – July 27, 2023

The students are torn between supporting Michael or betraying him as they debate the situation. Meanwhile, Michael offers Carson, Gene, and Lisa some questionable advice on how to recruit students into the Robotics Club.

Episode 3 – Introducing Miguel – July 27, 2023

Michael gets entangled in an unforeseen situation with Deidra, and the consequences follow him to his workplace. Additionally, when a student’s life is put in danger, Michael is faced with a difficult decision on how to handle the situation.

Episode 4 – Family Ties – July 27, 2023

Rodney overhears Michael boasting about having slept with his girlfriend, triggering chaos during Family Night. Meanwhile, Carson plans to transfer to another school, but Michael is determined to persuade him to stay at J. Forten.

The Michael Blackson Show Trailer

Take a look at the fun-filled trailer of The Michael Blackson Show, debuting on 27 July 2023.

Meet the cast of The Michael Blackson Show

Actor/Actress Character 
Terri AbneyMs. Reed
Michael Blackson Michael
Ken ColquittPrincipal Watkins 
Clayton English Irv
Rhyan HillDevonte

Rating of The Michael Blackson Show

The Michael Blackson Show IMDbN/A
The Michael Blackson Show Rotten Tomatoes N/A

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Best VPNs to watch The Michael Blackson Show Outside USA

When it comes to watching The Michael Blackson Show outside the USA, there are a few VPN options that stand out. 

  • ExpressVPN is highly recommended for its fast server connections, making it ideal for streaming. With subscription plans starting at GB£5.52 per month (approximately US$6.67 per month) and a 49% discount, it offers great value. Additionally, if you commit to a full year, you’ll receive three extra months for free.
  • Another reliable choice is NordVPN, known for its extensive server network that helps unblock sites from anywhere. Their 2-year plan offers a significant 60% discount, costing only £2.89 a month (around US$3.49). This makes NordVPN an affordable and effective option for accessing and enjoying The Michael Blackson Show outside the USA.


Will the show tackle important social issues or focus solely on comedy?

The Michael Blackson Show strikes a fine balance between comedy and addressing relevant social issues. The series incorporates thought-provoking elements that add depth to the characters and storylines, making it more than just a typical comedy show.

Can I watch The Michael Blackson Show from anywhere in the world?

Only, if you use VPN then you’ll be able to watch this series from anywhere in the world.

What is the genre of The Michael Blackson Show?

It is a comedy series. 


With the assistance of a reliable VPN, viewers from around the globe can effortlessly unlock access to BET+ and savor every bit of this comedic masterpiece. Whether you find yourself in the United States or any other location, prepare to join in on the uproarious adventure led by Michael Blackson and the talented ensemble.

They guarantee a hearty dose of laughter and pure delight in The Michael Blackson Show. Seize this chance to partake in the mirth and immerse yourself in the captivating realm of comedy that eagerly awaits you on BET+.

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