How To Watch ‘Swagger’ On Apple TV Outside USA

Can’t get enough of high-stakes sports drama? That you’ll want to watch Swagger on Apple TV+. Inspired by NBA superstar Kevin Durant‘s experiences, this gripping series is set to launch its second season on June 23, 2023. It’s a deep dive into the world of youth basketball, where dreams, ambition, and the harsh realities of life collide.

In the upcoming season, you’ll join the characters Jace, Phil, Nick, Musa, Drew, and Royale as they navigate their senior year at Cedar Cove Prep. As they transform the school’s basketball program into an elite powerhouse, they attract attention from top college scouts and thousands of fans. But with success comes scrutiny. So, buckle up and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Stay tuned, because Swagger is a journey you won’t want to miss!

Quick Steps: How to Watch Swagger On Apple TV+ Outside USA

Follow these simple steps to watch Swagger

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Apple TV+

  5. Watch Swagger on Apple TV+

What is the Release Date of Swagger Season 2

The much-anticipated second season of Swagger is all set to premiere on Apple TV+ on June 23, 2023.

Where To Watch Swagger Online?

Hello Fellas! You can watch Swagger, exclusively available on Apple TV+. This much-anticipated sports drama is set to take you on a journey of dreams, ambition, and the harsh realities of youth basketball. With its compelling narrative and stellar performances, Swagger Season 2 is a treasure trove of entertainment waiting to be discovered.

Subscribing to Apple TV+ for the whole family costs $6.99 (or £6.99 or €6.99). But here’s a tip: if you sign up for Apple One, which includes a bundle of all Apple streaming services, you may save a little money, giving you access to movies and episodes like Ted LassoLittle AmericaPachinko and Hala, Luck. Plus, if you’re new to Apple TV+, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial.

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Full-Court Press: Watch Swagger Season 2 Which Takes the Game to New Heights

Inspired by the experiences of NBA superstar Kevin Durant, the series delves into the captivating world of youth basketball. The series explores the lives of young players, their families, and their coaches as they navigate the delicate balance between dreams, ambition, and the ever-present temptations of opportunism and corruption.

watch Swagger

In the upcoming season, we follow the journey of Jace, Phil, Nick, Musa, Drew, and Royale as they enter their senior year of high school. Most of them will be attending Cedar Cove Prep, a predominantly white institution where wealthy board members control everything from faculty appointments to student admissions.

Despite their academic success, the basketball program at Cedar Cove has been struggling until Emory Lawson, the athletic director, recruits exceptionally skilled Swagger players. Almost overnight, Cedar Cove’s basketball program becomes elite, attracting the attention of Alonzo Powers from Gladiator Sneakers, top college scouts from across the nation, and thousands of fans on live-streaming platforms. However, with winning comes scrutiny, and the players find themselves under a microscope as they vie for a national high school championship.

The main cast members from Season 1, including O’Shea Jackson Jr., Isaiah Hill, Shinelle Azoroh, Tessa Ferrer, Quvenzhané Wallis, Caleel Harris, James Bingham, Solomon Irama, Ozie Nzeribe, and Jason Rivera-Torres, will reprise their roles in Season 2. The second season will consist of 8 episodes, with a new episode released every Friday through August 11, 2023.

Official Synopsis

Inspired by Kevin Durant’s youth basketball playing experience on the AAU circuit.


Sneak Peek: Watch Swagger Official Trailer

A thrilling ride into the world of youth basketball with the official trailer for Swagger Season 2. It’s a sneak peek into the high-stakes journey of dreams, ambition, and reality that awaits you on June 23, 2023, exclusively on Apple TV+.

Star-Studded Ensemble: Meet the Cast of Swagger Season 2

Meet the all-star lineup returning to the court in Swagger Season 2. This ensemble cast is set to deliver powerful performances that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

O’Shea Jackson Jr.Ike “Icon” Edwards
Isaiah HillJace Carson
Shinelle AzorohJenna Carson
Tessa FerrerMeg Bailey
Quvenzhané WallisCrystal Jarrett
Caleel HarrisMusa Rahim
James BinghamDrew Murphy
Solomon IramaPhil Marksby
Ozie NzeribeRoyale Hughes
Jason Rivera-TorresNick Mendez
Tristan WildsAlonzo Powers

Episode Guide For The Upcoming Season Of Swagger

Episodes exploring the high-stakes world of youth basketball, from the initial challenges in The World Ain’t Ready to the climactic Journey and Destination.

Episode NumberAir DateEpisode Title
S2, Ep123 Jun. 2023The World Ain’t Ready
S2, Ep230 Jun. 202318
S2, Ep37 Jul. 2023RISE + FALL
S2, Ep414 Jul. 2023Through the Fire
S2, Ep528 Jul. 2023Are We Free?
S2, Ep628 Jul. 2023Jace + Crystal
S2, Ep74 Aug. 2023Homecoming
S2, Ep811 Aug. 2023Journey and Destination

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes Rating For Swagger

Rotten Tomatoes84%

Best VPNs to Watch Swagger On Apple TV+ Outside USA

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Critic’s Review

Am not a fan of basketball but for this show I am! Episode 1 was a bit shaky for me but the rest just cemented it!

Have been watching a lot of teen shows that came out this year but none has interested me so far but this show hit all the feel good spots, the dialogue are greats, the choice of background music is really good, the family, drama etc! All I think is very well mixed into the show well, it also talks about a lot of issues and I know some people might not like to hear them, but I think it’s balanced, everyone whether it be race, religion or whatever woke stuff out there all get their shine! …it’s nice watching a show where someone has a goal he wants to achieve and works hard for it.


Great writing, Great Acting, Real life stories. The creative team has done an a amazing job with this show. I’ve watched all episodes and thought episode 7 was the best, until I saw episode 8. Can’t wait to see how it ends.


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What is swagger based on?

Swagger is an American sports drama television series created by Reggie Rock Bythewood. Loosely inspired by the experiences of current NBA player Kevin Durant.

Will there be a Swagger 2?

The first episode of Swagger Season 2 is set to premiere on June 23, 2023, igniting the excitement for what’s to come. With a total of eight episodes, fans of the show are treated to a new episode every Friday through August 11.

Who is the star of Swagger?

From NBA star Kevin Durant, filmmaker Reggie Rock Bythewood, and the team behind Friday Night Lights. A basketball prodigy must navigate a maze of pressure if he’s going to overcome the odds against him and learn what it truly means to have swagger.

Wrapping it all UP!

As the final buzzer sounds, Swagger Season 2 promises to be a thrilling exploration of the high-stakes world of youth basketball. With its compelling narrative, stellar cast, and gripping drama, this season is set to take the game to new heights.

Premiering on June 23, 2023, exclusively on Apple TV+, it’s a journey through dreams, ambition, and reality that you won’t want to miss. So, mark your calendars, and get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Swagger. It’s more than just a show – it’s an experience that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next play.

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