How To Watch ‘Ruby Speaking’ On ITV In USA

Are you ready to dive into the uproarious world? Watch Ruby Speaking, a sidesplitting comedy series that will have you rolling with laughter. Premiering on ITV, the highly anticipated show is set to grace your screens on June 22, 2023, delivering a whirlwind of comedic chaos and unforgettable moments. Join us as we delve into the humorous misadventures of Ruby and her eccentric colleagues in the bustling call center of Hello com.

Join the lovable and quirky Ruby, played by the talented Jayde Adams, as she navigates the chaotic world of Hello com. With a stellar cast including Katherine Kelly and Amy-Leigh Hickman, and the creative genius of Jayde Adams, Ruby Speaking guarantees non-stop laughter and unforgettable moments.

Brace yourself for a hilarious journey filled with love, laughter, and unexpected choir competitions. Don’t miss your chance to watch Ruby Speaking, where workplace antics meet comedy gold.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Ruby Speaking in USA

Follow these simple steps to watch Ruby Speaking

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to ITV

  5. Watch Ruby Speaking on ITV

Where Can I Watch Ruby Speaking Online for FREE?

You can watch Ruby Speaking premiering on 22 June 2023 on ITV for free. The British channel ITV is free in the UK and if you are outside the UK you need a VPN like Express VPN which bypasses the UK server and overcomes the streaming challenges.

To help you quickly grasp ITV’s pricing structure, we’ve included the following table:

ITV Subscription PlansCostCost in USD

You can access more content on ITV and watch any shows such as Too Hot to Handle.

Ruby Speaking Premieres Its Release Date

Get ready for laughs! Ruby Speaking, the new comedy series, premieres on ITV on Thursday, 22nd June 2023. Don’t miss out on the hilarity!

All The Details About Ruby Speaking

Watch Ruby Speaking, which follows the life of the effervescent Ruby, played by the talented Jayde Adams. Ruby is a newly single woman navigating her way through life and her job at a Bristol call center, Hello com. But Ruby isn’t your typical call center employee. She’s fun, irreverent, and refuses to stick to the script, both at work and in life.

Watch Ruby Speaking

The series is a delightful exploration of Ruby’s chaotic life, her interactions with her ragtag bunch of colleagues, and their collective decision to enter a choir competition they have no business being in. It’s a story of living, loving, and laughing in the face of life’s absurdities.

This is the brainchild of Yellow Door Productions, with Rosie Gaunt-Mathieson at the helm as director. The series is a testament to the diversity and inclusivity of contemporary comedy, promising to take risks and deliver a narrative that resonates with audiences.

An Official Trailer

As of now, there’s no trailer available for Ruby Speaking, but the anticipation is building. So, mark your calendars and prepare for a hearty dose of laughter and life lessons. It’s more than just a comedy series; it’s a celebration of life’s chaotic, hilarious, and beautiful moments.

Meet the Cast of Ruby Speaking: A Blend of Talent and Humor

This table showcases the vibrant cast of Ruby Speaking, each bringing their unique flair to the series. From Jayde Adams‘ effervescent Ruby to Kiera Lester’s intriguing Melons, this ensemble promises a delightful mix of humor and heart.

RubyJayde Adams
VickiKatherine Kelly
MarkSam Swainsbury
TomJoe Sims
CameronJamal Franklin
DonnaNicky Goldie
EllieAmy-Leigh Hickman
CraigDan Hiscox
MelonsKiera Lester

An Official Synopsis

Sitcom following the misadventures of a worker in a call center.


Episode Guide of Ruby Speaking

1- Episode 1 | June 22, 2023

When Ruby’s easy life at Hello com is sent into free fall by the arrival of Area Manager Vicki, she has to make one single sale to save the day.

Ruby Speaking Ratings

IMDb RatingN/A
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Best VPNs To Watch Ruby Speaking On ITV for FREE

We’ve conducted an in-depth analysis of the two most reliable VPN services that can be used to stream Ruby Speaking on ITV for free. Our comprehensive research was aimed at confirming the dependability of these VPNs specifically for this use case.

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How many episodes are there in Ruby Speaking?

Ruby Speaking is a six-part series, promising six episodes of laughter, heart, and relatable life moments.

What’s the plot of Ruby Speaking?

The series follows Ruby, a lively call center employee, as she navigates her chaotic life and enters a choir competition with her colleagues.

What’s the scoop on Ruby Speaking?

Get ready for a laughter-filled journey with Ruby Speaking, a six-part comedy series premiering on ITV on Thursday, 22nd June 2023.

Wrapping it UP!

In conclusion, Ruby Speaking is set to be a standout addition to the comedy genre, promising a delightful blend of humor, heart, and relatable life moments. With its premiere on ITV on Thursday, 22nd June 2023, this six-part series is all set to take viewers on a laughter-filled journey through the chaotic life of Ruby and her colorful colleagues at a Bristol call center.

So, mark your calendars, prepare your laughter muscles, and get ready to dive into the beautiful chaos. This is more than just a comedy series; it’s a celebration of life’s absurdities and the joy of finding humor in the everyday. Don’t miss out on this comedy gem!

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