How Much Does ITV Hub Subscription Cost?

ITV Hub is a streaming platform owned and operated by ITV, a major British television network. It provides access to a wide range of ITV’s programming, including popular movies, dramas, reality TV, documentaries, news, and sports events.

ITV Hub offers a free ad-supported service for viewers in the United Kingdom, allowing them to watch content without a subscription fee. However, they also offer an ad-free subscription tier called ITV Hub+ for £3.99 per month. The subscription removes advertisements and enables offline viewing of content.

Is ITV Hub Free?

To enjoy the content on ITV’s streaming service, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. The best part is that registration doesn’t cost anything. By creating a free account, you’ll gain access to a vast collection of entertaining options, including hit shows like Count Abdulla, Van Der Valk, and Six Four.

ITV Streaming Subscription Plan

ITV provides an ad-supported free subscription plan that allows you to enjoy their programming without any cost. However, if you prefer to watch without advertisements, you have the option to upgrade to an ad-free tier by paying a subscription fee. You can either take advantage of an ITV Hub free trial for its “Premium” package or create a free account that includes ads.

ITV Hub, which has recently migrated to its new home called ITVX, has expanded and improved its offerings. It now provides access to a wide array of content, including the latest movies, exclusive TV shows like the highly anticipated Love Island UK Season 9 Finale, and a vast selection of popular British box sets. Whether you’re in the mood for side-splitting sitcoms, entertaining game shows, engaging children’s content, or live sports events, ITV Hub has plenty of options to cater to your preferences.

ITV Hub+ Plan

The streaming service’s premium tier has recently undergone a rebranding and is now known as ITV Hub+. By subscribing to ITV Hub+, you not only get all the features you already enjoy on ITV Hub but also receive extra benefits like ad-free television and the ability to download content.

Per MonthUS$7.42 (£5.99)
Per YearUS$74.34 (£59.99)

With ITV Hub+, you can enhance your streaming experience and access exclusive perks at a budget-friendly price point.

However, there is a way to watch ITV Hub+ for free by following these steps:

On the Website

  • Click the “Sign in” button at the top of the page, and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Select “Sign up now” from the menu and enter your information, including a password, to create your account.

On an Android or iOS Mobile Device

  • Open the “My ITV” app and tap the “Sign in” button.
  • You’ll be presented with the option to “Sign Up immediately.”
  • Choose a password, provide your details, and proceed to start using the service.

On Amazon Prime

Regarding ITV Hub+ and Amazon Prime, if you have questions about whether ITV Hub is free, you’re on the right track. With an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you can enjoy a free seven-day trial of ITV Hub+. After the trial period, the cost for ITV Hub+ in the USA is US$7.42 (£5.99) per month. To access the trial, you’ll need a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.

Once you have Amazon Prime, you can stream ITV Hub ad-free on any compatible device with Prime Video. If you choose to turn off the Auto-Renew feature, you can enjoy the ITV Hub free trial until the trial period expires

itv hub

Availability in the US

It’s important to note that ITV is a geo-restricted service, meaning it is only available for streaming within the United Kingdom due to content licensing policies. Unfortunately, this means that if you are in the USA, you won’t be able to access ITV Hub directly. However, if you still want to watch ITV’s content in the USA for free, you will need a premium VPN.


What is the difference between ITV Player and ITV Hub?

ITV Player was the original name of the streaming service, later rebranded to ITV Hub in 2015. ITV Hub offers live streaming of ITV channels including ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe, and CITV and from other networks.

Is ITV on Roku?

Yes, ITV Hub is available on Roku devices. You can download and install the ITV Hub app from the Roku Channel Store and enjoy streaming ITV’s content on your Roku device.


ITV Hub offers a free ad-supported subscription plan in the UK, with the option to upgrade to ITV Hub+ for an ad-free experience. Viewers in the US can access ITV Hub for free using a premium VPN. Amazon Prime members can enjoy a free trial of ITV Hub+ through Prime Video. With a diverse range of shows and exclusive content, ITV Hub provides a variety of entertainment options for viewers to enjoy.

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