CBC Gem Series: Watch ‘Bones of Crows’ In USA

Bones of Crows is a compelling drama series that offers a poignant exploration of the challenges and triumphs of the Indigenous communities in Canada. Viewers in USA can watch Bones of Crows on 20th September 2023 on CBC via VPN.

The narrative is centered around the life and experiences of Cree Matriarch Aline Spears, a character that embodies resilience, strength, and hope. This most awaited drama series Bones of Crows is set to captivate audiences. This guide will walk you through how to watch this groundbreaking series from anywhere in the world.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Bones Of Crows in USA

Follow these simple steps to watch Bones of Crows'

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the Canada

  4. Login to CBC

  5. Watch Bones of Crows on CBC

Where Can I Watch Bones Of Crows In USA

The ‘Bones of Crows’ is available on CBC to stream, people in the USA who are eager need the best VPN to watch CBC in USA. You can catch all CBC shows like Moonshine Season 3 and Heartland Season 16 on CBC.

You can purchase a CBC Gem Premium subscription for only $4.99 per month (plus applicable taxes) through the CBC Gem app for Android, Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone, as well as online at cbcgem.ca. However, new subscribers receive a free, one-month trial.

Why do We Need A VPN To Watch Bones Of Crows In USA

Using a VPN not only allows you to bypass geo-restrictions but also ensures a secure and anonymous browsing experience. It alters your IP address, making it appear as if you are accessing the site from a location where the content is available.

Best VPN To Watch Bones Of Crows In USA

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What Is The Premiere Date Of Bones Of Crows

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 20, 2023, as the series premieres on CBC and CBC Gem in Canada, featuring a total of five heart-wrenching episodes. The release dates for other regions, including the US, UK, and Australia, remain unannounced.

The Official Trailer Of Bones Of Crows

The trailer unfolds the life of Aline Spears, portrayed by Summer Testawich, Grace Dove, and Carla Rae at different stages of her life. Aline’s journey begins as a young girl when she and her siblings are forcibly taken from their family home

What Is The Bones Of Crows About

Bones of Crows unveils the epic saga of resilience portrayed through the eyes of Cree matriarch Aline Spears, a character brought to life at different stages by Summer Testawich, Grace Dove, and Carla Rae. The narrative spans over a century, offering a deep dive into the Spears family’s journey through hardships, including the harrowing experiences in Canada’s residential school system.

Cast and Characters Of The Bones Of Crows

  • Grace Dove as Aline Spears: An adult Aline who navigates through the challenges of life with strength and determination. Grace Dove’s portrayal brings depth to the character, making her journey even more relatable.
  • Phillip Forest Lewitski as Adam Wallach: Aline’s supportive husband, who stands by her side as they confront their traumatic past.
  • Rémy Girard as Father Jacob: A priest whose outward charm hides a cruel and bigoted nature, especially towards the Indigenous children under his care.
  • Gail Maurice as Taylor Wallach: Aline’s daughter, a lawyer and advocate for justice, who is determined to expose the atrocities of Canada’s residential school system.
  • Summer Testawich as Young Aline Spears: Portrays Aline during her early years, capturing the innocence and trauma of her childhood.

Reviews And Ratings Of Bones of Crows

“Bones of Crows” has received a mixed reception with an IMDb score of 6.4. Critics praise the powerful narrative and the performances of the lead actors, despite some noting slow pacing due to the multi-generational storytelling.

Here’s Bones Of Crows Episode Guide

The series unfolds over five episodes, with the first titled “To Be Starved” set to premiere on the launch date, delving into the early life of Aline Spears and her siblings.

  • Season 1 | Episode 1 | To Be Starved |September 20, 2023 – Cree piano prodigy Aline Spears and her siblings are taken from their family home as children and forced into residential school. Spears, now a World War II code talker, and her husband, Adam Wallach, confront the specters of their pasts.
  • Season 1 | Episode 2| To Be Separated| TBA – Aline reconnects with her sister, Perseverance, which resurfaces memories of a daring attempt to escape residential school – and its irrevocable consequences on all four Spears siblings.
  • Season 1 | Episode 3| To Be Denied |TBA
  • Season 1 | Episode 4| To Let Go |TBA
  • Season 1 |Episode 5| To Be Here |TBA


What is Bones of Crows about?

Bones of Crows” is a drama series that revolves around the life of Cree Matriarch Aline Spears, exploring her experiences in Canada’s residential school system and the challenges faced by her family over a century.

Who are the main characters in the series?

The series centers around Aline Spears, portrayed by Summer Testawich, Grace Dove, and Carla Rae at different life stages. Other pivotal characters include Adam Wallach, Father Jacob, and Taylor Wallach.

When is the premiere date for “Bones of Crows”?

The series is set to premiere on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, on CBC and CBC Gem in Canada


Don’t miss out on this poignant tale of resilience, hope, and survival that “Bones of Crows” promises to deliver. Set up a VPN and mark the premiere date to watch this epic from anywhere in the world.


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