Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 Song And Dance List

As the spotlight falls on Week 7 of Strictly Come Dancing 2023 on BBC, the air is buzzing with excitement, and fans’ hearts are aflutter with anticipation. Enthusiasts of the show are eagerly poised to witness their beloved celebrities gracefully waltz and samba across the mesmerizing dance floor. With a dazzling array of vibrant performances on the horizon, the stage is set for another enchanting evening of dance, glitz, and entertainment. In this sneak peek, we unveil Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 Song And Dance List, promising a captivating spectacle that’s not to be missed.

When can you watch Strictly Come Dancing upcoming episode?

Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 Song And Dance List
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Be sure not to overlook the enchantment as Strictly Come Dancing graces the screens of BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The seventh episode is scheduled to air on Saturday, November 4th, promising an evening filled with opulent glitz, timeless glamour, and a profusion of unforgettable moments. For those who prefer the convenience of streaming, the show is readily available on BBC iPlayer, ensuring you can catch every thrilling moment at your convenience. Mark your calendars and prepare for a night of dance extravaganza that’s bound to leave you spellbound! If you want to explore through the platform, be sure to avail BBC iPlayer free trial. You checkout the best pricing plans for BBC iPlayer and cancel BBC iPlayer subscription whenever you want.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2023- A sneak peak from the trailer!

The trailer for Strictly Come Dancing 2023 is a dazzling spectacle that captures the essence of this beloved dance competition. With vibrant flashes of sequined gowns, intricate choreography, and passionate performances, it teases the exhilarating journey that awaits both contestants and viewers. The trailer provides a glimpse of the stars in their glittering best, showcasing their dedication to mastering various dance styles. Moreover, you can also watch ‘Strictly: It Takes Two 2023’ on BBC iPlayer in USA for free, if you are a fan of similar shows.

Strictly Come Dancing week 7 songs and dances!

Brace yourself for a night to remember, as the stars are poised to deliver a thrilling mix of Sambas, Tangos, and Rumbas. With an electrifying selection of dances, Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 songs and dances promise to be an extravaganza you won’t want to miss. Furthermore, you can watch BBC iPlayer in the US, to watch this dazzling show that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. Moreover, you can also watch BBC iPlayer on multiple devices at once.

Here’s your sneak peek into the scintillating songs and dances that will set the stage on fire!

1. Adam and Luba

  • Dance: American Rumba
  • Song: “Dancing On My Own” by Calum Scott​​

2. Annabel and Johannes:

  • Dance: Couple’s Choice
  • Song: “Wings” by Birdy​​

3. Angela R and Kai:

  • Dance: Waltz
  • Song: “Fascination” by Nat King Cole​​

4. Angela S and Carlos:

  • Dance: Samba
  • Song: “Ain’t It Funny” by Jennifer Lopez​

5. Bobby and Dianne:

  • Dance: Argentine Tango
  • Song: “Sail” by AWOLNATION​

6. Ellie and Vito:

  • Dance: American Smooth
  • Song: “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head” by Robbie Williams​​

7. Krishnan and Lauren:

  • Dance: Couple’s Choice
  • Song: “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon​​

8. Layton and Nikita:

  • Dance: Jive
  • Song: “Shake Ur Body” by SHY FX, T.Power, Di​​

9. Nigel and Katya:

  1. Dance: Tango
  2. Song: “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” by Mark Ronson ft. Miley Cyrus​

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Dances and music of week 6!

Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 Song And Dance List

Week 6 of Strictly Come Dancing 2023 was a whirlwind of diverse and electrifying performances, as the celebrity contestants took the stage with their chosen dances and music. From the classic American Smooth danced to Perry Como’s “Magic Moments” by Adam Thomas, each pairing delivered a unique blend of style and song. Angela Rippon’s Charleston, set to the iconic “Murder, She Wrote” theme song, added an extra layer of charm and individuality to the mix. With Charleston, Tango, Salsa, Viennese Waltz, and more in the mix, week 6 episode had a dynamic showcase of talent and creativity. Viewers were in for a treat as the stars put their best foot forward to impress both the judges and the audience, making it a night of dance, rhythm, and unforgettable entertainment.

What’s the wrap?

The seventh week of Strictly Come Dancing 2023 is shaping up to be a spectacle with a variety of dance styles and musical genres on display. This week, the stage will witness a diverse tapestry of dance styles and a kaleidoscope of musical genres. Each performance bears its own unique charm and grace. As the competition intensifies, the forthcoming dance performances take on heightened significance. Every step and rhythm is pivotal for the talented contestants. Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 Song And Dance List are sure to add an extra layer of excitement, making the upcoming show a must-watch for all Strictly fans.

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