Loki Finale Explained

A Big Problem in the Universe of Loki

In the final episodes of Loki, we find on Disney+, out about a huge problem in the universe. There’s something called the “Sacred Timeline,” and it’s super important because it keeps everything in the universe in order. But, there’s a big twist! The Time Variance Authority (TVA), which is like the universe’s police for time, isn’t what it seems. They’ve been telling lies!
In a magical moment, He Who Remains stops time and questions Loki about his journey. He reveals that his earlier words about seeing them soon were more than just a saying; he always anticipated this very moment. He goes on to explain a failsafe called the Temporal Loom, which acts as a backup for timelines. If overloaded, it erases all timelines except the main one, the Sacred Timeline. Despite the TVA being destroyable and rebuildable, Loki is destined to lose unless he prevents Sylvie from making a crucial decision. In a heated disagreement, Sylvie chooses to stab He Who Remains, unleashing a multitude of branching timelines and plunging the Marvel Cinematic Universe into chaos. When Loki returns to the TVA, he is met with an unsettling surprise—nobody recognizes him. The TVA is now under the rule of an ominous variant of He Who Remains, creating a mysterious and unpredictable turn of events.

Loki’s Big Adventure

Loki, our tricky hero, finds himself in a lot of trouble. He meets different versions of himself from other worlds, which is pretty cool but also really confusing. He learns that the TVA has been tricking everyone, and the Time-Keepers, who were supposed to be in charge, are just robots!

In his quest to save Victor Timely from a chaotic fate, Loki believed that mastering his time-slipping abilities was the key. He attempted to intervene by adjusting his arrival time or going back further, but each attempt resulted in Timely experiencing the unraveling of time. Loki persisted, continuously slipping back and even investing centuries in studying physics and mechanics. His goal was to reach the crucial moment with a pre-built throughput multiplier. Despite Mobius questioning his erratic behavior, Loki’s efforts started looking more promising when Victor suited up and launched the multiplier to manage the multiplying branches of timelines. However, the Loom eventually reached its limit, unable to handle infinite branches, leading to its inevitable failure. As Sylvie ominously stated, the Loom was doomed from the moment the Sacred Timeline started branching.

Loki Finale Explained

The Shocking Truth in Loki Finale

The biggest shock comes when we find out that a guy named “He Who Remains” is behind everything. He created the TVA and the Sacred Timeline to stop a big war in the universe. But, he’s not a good guy. He’s been controlling everything and everyone!
When He Who Remains brings Sylvie back, Loki takes charge and “pauses” the situation, making her disappear again. He clarifies to He Who Remains that they’ve had this conversation many times before. He Who Remains explains to Loki that the issue with the Loom isn’t about “scaling,” as Victor Timely suggested; it’s a failsafe designed to delete all timelines except the Sacred one when overloaded. Despite any attempts to fix it, He Who Remains asserts, “the outcome remains the same — you lose.”

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Loki’s Tough Decision

Loki has to make a really hard choice. He can either let “He Who Remains” keep controlling everything or break the Sacred Timeline and risk starting a huge war. Loki decides to break the timeline, which means everything in the universe can change now!

Loki announces his intention to “alter the equation” and dismantle the Loom, but He Who Remains cautions him that doing so would unleash a “brutal war, where nothing, not even the Sacred Timeline, survives.” He emphasizes that making tough decisions is the reason he occupies the “big chair” or throne at the End of Time. If Loki believes he can make better choices, he must face a difficult decision: either break the Loom and initiate a devastating war, resulting in “game over,” or eliminate Sylvie to safeguard what can be protected.

What Happens to Everyone in Loki Finale?

  • Mobius: He might finally get to be with his family.
  • Renslayer: Her future is a mystery.
  • Sylvie: She’s free to do what she wants.
  • Loki: He becomes super powerful, maybe even more than “He Who Remains.”

Even with He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) defeated, Kang the Conqueror remains a significant danger in the MCU, and a vast multiversal war continues beyond the TVA. Loki, drawing inspiration from Marvel Comics, has seemingly achieved omnipotence. The possibility of a third season for Loki is uncertain but plausible.

Loki Finale Explained

The New Universe in Loki Finale

By breaking the Sacred Timeline, Loki changes everything. He creates a new timeline, like a big tree called Yggdrasil, which connects different worlds. This means people can make their own choices now, without someone controlling everything.
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Following Loki’s establishment of an improved timeline, we witnessed moments that neatly concluded the stories of our beloved characters. The TVA remained in excellent condition, with the once-existing crack in the floor now vanished, and the staff appearing content. B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) assumed a managerial role, heading towards the war room for what appeared to be a bustling meeting. Meanwhile, OB returned to his workshop, unveiling a box filled with second-edition TVA Guidebooks, though their origin remains a mystery.


The finale of “Loki” is about making tough choices and standing up for what’s right, even when it’s really hard. Loki shows us that sometimes, to fix things, you have to change everything. And that’s what makes a true hero!

Loki currently resides in a realm beyond time, similar to He Who Remains in the past. Although he didn’t prevent the multiversal war, there’s a chance he now surpasses Kang in power. Unlike He Who Remains, who used borrowed technology for the temporal loom and TVA, Loki dedicated time in this episode to master the scientific aspects of time while physically manipulating the strands of time with his hands and magic. Positioned outside the multiverse, he could have ascended to the throne of the One Above All, an omnipotent Marvel Comics character at the pinnacle of the multiverse. With Loki’s unparalleled control over all timelines, the conclusion of season 2 suggests that he might be the most potent being in the Marvel universe. This awesome Loki Season and much more can be enjoyed on Disney+.

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