Ultimate List Of Top 10 Best American Horror Story Ranked By Season

American Horror Story, or AHS, started as a small show on FXX but has grown into a big series with 12 seasons so far. It was created by Ryan Murphy and has been scaring and thrilling audiences since 2011. Each season brings a new, creepy story, but they all share a dark and whimsical style that AHS is known for. The show is praised for its fresh take on horror and for tackling big social issues, making it a notable series in horror TV history. Get ready as we explore the American horror story ranked by seasons world of American Horror Story Series, looking at the creativity and the frights that have kept people watching for over ten years.

Top 1 AHS Season: American Horror Story: Asylum (2012)

Setting the benchmark for all subsequent seasons, Asylum triumphs as the pinnacle of AHS. With high stakes post the successful inaugural season, it introduced viewers to an ensemble delivering their career-best performances. Dominating the Emmy nominations and spotlighting Jessica Lange’s brilliance, Asylum remains the gold standard for American Horror Story. Set in a mental institution during the 1960s, Asylum delves into the dark corners of human sanity, medical ethics, and the battle between science and faith. Its complex characters and haunting atmosphere, underscored by a meticulously crafted narrative, encapsulate the essence of psychological horror, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Top 2 AHS Season: American Horror Story: Delicate (2023)

American Horror Story: Delicate Season 12 is expected to be tense, full of unexpected turns and deep character development. Inspired by Danielle Valentine’s Delicate Condition, the series traces Anna Victoria Alcott’s stormy journey to motherhood, complete with a miscarriage and strange pregnancy symptoms. The story gets more intricate and captivating as more individuals reveal dark facts. While certain fan favorites won’t be returning, Zachary Quinto, Denis O’Hare, Billie Lourd, and Emma Roberts are among the cast members who will be back for season 12.

Top 3 AHS Season: American Horror Story: Coven (2013)

Coven’s stellar ensemble, comprising Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, and Taissa Farmiga, arguably makes it the franchise’s best. Its potent mix of sass, feminism, and the supernatural culminated in numerous Emmy nominations and awards. The season’s narrative is rich with historical and cultural references, interweaving tales of witchcraft, voodoo, and societal oppression. Through a blend of dark humor and horror, Coven tackles themes of female empowerment, racism, and identity, making it not only a terrifying but also a thought-provoking viewing experience.

Top 4 AHS Season: American Horror Story: Murder House (2011)

The season that started it all, Murder House, offers a raw, unrefined view into the AHS universe. Its narrative fluidity, complemented by Jessica Lange’s award-winning performance, makes it almost unparalleled in quality. The haunted residence’s tales intertwined seamlessly, introducing fans to a world where the past’s torments continuously influence the present. Its chilling atmosphere and compelling storytelling set a gold standard for the series, leaving an indelible mark on its audience.

Top 5 AHS Season: American Horror Story: 1984 (2019)

Paying homage to the ’80s slasher genre, 1984 reinvigorated the series with its refreshing tone and nostalgic setting. Camp Redwood provided a haunting backdrop, evoking memories of classic horror tales. While key actors were missed, performances by Billie Lourd and Emma Roberts ensured its success. The season’s plot twists, coupled with its balance of humor and horror, made it a standout. The season’s critical acclaim and Emmy nods solidify its position, proving that AHS still has the capacity to reinvent itself while capturing the essence of different horror sub-genres.

American Horror Story Synopsis

An anthology series centering on different characters and locations, showcasing different aspects of horror.


Top 6 AHS Season: American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014)

Possibly the epitome of AHS’s essence, Freak Show offered an array of emotional highs and lows, culminating in a compelling finale. Drawing inspiration from the horror classic, The Freaks, it masterfully oscillated between tragedy and horror, securing an impressive 20 Emmy nominations. The season beautifully showcased the challenges and dreams of its uniquely talented characters, challenging societal norms while evoking deep empathy from viewers. Jessica Lange’s portrayal of Elsa Mars remains iconic, adding depth to a season already rich in storytelling and character development.

Top 7 AHS Season: American Horror Story: NYC (2022)

NYC marked a resurgence in the series quality. The smooth integration of real-life events and a commendable cast, including the likes of Billie Lourd, Zachary Quinto, and Patti LuPone, made it a standout. Set against the bustling backdrop of the Big Apple, this season enticed viewers with its gritty urban legends and dark histories. The narrative cleverly juxtaposed the glamour of New York’s high society with its haunting underworld, leading to thrilling twists and turns that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

Top 8 AHS Season: American Horror Story: Hotel (2015)

Although critics didn’t hold Hotel in high esteem, it brought Lady Gaga’s stellar performance to the fore, earning her a Golden Globe. The season, visually compelling, suffers from inconsistent storytelling, preventing it from securing a higher position. Moreover, Hotel dove deep into the luxurious, mysterious, and sinister world of its titular setting, bringing with it a unique gothic ambiance. Its intricate web of characters, including the enigmatic Countess, played an instrumental role in its chilling narrative. Yet, for all its grandeur and allure, some episodes felt stretched and lacked the crisp pace of its predecessors.

Top 9 AHS Season: American Horror Story: Cult (2017)

AHS: Cult” (2017) stands out in the American Horror Story anthology for its stark political commentary and shift away from the series’ signature supernatural elements. Sarah Paulson delivered a powerful performance, capturing her character’s intense emotional journey with precision. Evan Peters took on the challenging task of portraying various infamous cult leaders, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Despite these strong performances, the season’s explicit political narrative polarized audiences, with some praising its boldness, while others found it too on-the-nose. The result is a season that, while memorable, holds a complex legacy within the broader “American Horror Story” narrative.

Top 10 AHS Season: American Horror Story: Double Feature (2021)

AHS: Double Feature (2021) marked a significant departure from the traditional format of American Horror Story, experimenting with a dual narrative approach. The season presented two separate but thematically linked stories, offering a fresh take on the series’ well-established horror tropes. Macaulay Culkin’s addition to the cast added a layer of intrigue, as the actor successfully navigated through his complex character, earning praise for his performance. While the season boasted strong storytelling and memorable performances, it did not manage to secure a prominent spot in award nominations and wins, reflecting a mixed reception from critics and audiences alike. The innovative structure, however, showed the series’ willingness to evolve and take risks, even in its tenth installment, keeping viewers on their toes and eager for what comes next.

American Horror Story Review On IMDb

The first seasons of AHS was very good. Something fresh, always a story with a twist, and they had Jessica Lange and then unknown Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. I really liked the dark, gritty style, changing from season to season. Unfortunately, after Freak Show, which I really liked, there has been a letdown in quality for each season. The departure of Jessica Lange made a big void, but Sarah Paulson has shown us that she is indeed a versatile star. But Hotel was the beginning of a decline, with the infamous, stupid glorified serial killer episode. Ryan Murphy himself said 3 years ago he was out of ideas, so time to put a lid on it. You aint doing any favors with the new American Horror Stories. And the new actors are terrible, with an exception in Billie Lourd.


American Horror Story Ratings

By analyzing American horror story ranked by season, fans has given American Horror Story has received 8.0/10 on IMDb Ratings & American Horror Story on rotten Tomatoes is 67%.


American Horror Story (AHS) is a captivating television series that has been a staple for 11 seasons. The series, which has mirrored societal paradigms and evoked a broad spectrum of emotions, is a testament to the creative genius of Ryan Murphy and the entire cast and crew. Each season of AHS presents a unique narrative lens, reflecting the multifaceted nature of horror and the human experience.

The series has not only entertained but also provoked thought and deeper understanding of the human psyche and societal dynamics. The legacy of AHS stands tall as an eerie yet captivating mosaic of the human condition, with anticipation for the next tale in the anthology remaining a lingering spectre.

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