6 Best Villains in The Boys

In the gritty and morally murky world of The Boys, villains reign supreme, blurring the lines between heroism and malevolence. From power-hungry Supes to manipulative masterminds, the series introduces a diverse array of antagonists, each with their own twisted motivations and nefarious deeds. In this article, we delve into the depths of darkness to uncover the 6 Best Villains in The Boys, examining their roles, actions, and impact on the narrative.

1. A-Train


The Tragic Antagonist At the heart of villainy lies A-Train, a tragic figure torn between fame and morality. Despite his super-speed abilities, A-Train’s descent into villainy is fueled by his desire for fame and fortune. From betraying allies to causing irreparable harm, A-Train’s actions leave a trail of devastation in his wake. His pivotal role in shaping the fate of key characters like Huey showcases the depths of his villainy, blurring the lines between victim and antagonist.

2. Soldier Boy

 Soldier Boy

The Distorted Paragon As a twisted caricature of Captain America, Soldier Boy embodies the dark side of heroism. Allegations of pedophilia, sexual assault, and cold-blooded murder paint a grim picture of this demented Supe. His transformation into a walking anti-Supe weapon further solidifies his status as one of the series’ most destructive villains. Soldier Boy’s portrayal serves as a chilling reminder of the corruption that lurks beneath the facade of heroism.

3. Black Noir

6 Best Villains in The Boys

The Enigmatic Assassin Shrouded in mystery, Black Noir emerges as a formidable force of villainy in “The Boys.” Drawing parallels to Batman, his relentless pursuit of targets and shadowy demeanor instill fear in both allies and enemies alike. Despite his human-like qualities, Black Noir’s allegiance remains elusive, adding an element of unpredictability to his character. His role as a professional hitman and his potential to disrupt the status quo make him a captivating and enigmatic villain.

4. Stormfront

6 Best Villains in The Boys

The Malevolent Supremacist In the realm of racial supremacy and neo-fascism, Stormfront stands as a beacon of malevolence. Her vile beliefs and superpowered abilities make her a potent adversary, capable of inflicting widespread destruction. Despite facing consequences for her actions, Stormfront remains unwavering in her commitment to her twisted ideology. Her portrayal as a powerful and efficient Supe highlights the dangers of unchecked power and extremism in society.

5. Victoria Neuman

Victoria Neuman

The Machiavellian Manipulator Behind the scenes, Victoria Neuman orchestrates chaos with Machiavellian precision. Responsible for the exploding heads phenomenon, she epitomizes the dangers of political manipulation and betrayal. Her alliance with Stan Edgar and calculated strategies underscore her role as a formidable antagonist. Victoria’s ability to deceive and manipulate both allies and enemies alike showcases her cunning and ruthless nature, making her a formidable foe for The Boys.

6. Stan Edgar

Stan Edgar

The Puppet Master At the helm of Vought, Stan Edgar pulls the strings with ruthless efficiency. Despite lacking superpowers, his mastery of manipulation and power dynamics makes him a formidable adversary. From covering up crimes to orchestrating power plays, Stan’s influence shapes the course of events in “The Boys.” His control over characters like Homelander and his ability to navigate the murky waters of corporate intrigue solidify his status as a true puppet master.


In the twisted world of The Boys, villains reign supreme, challenging notions of heroism and morality. From tragic figures like A-Train to manipulative masterminds like Victoria Neuman, each antagonist brings their own brand of darkness to the narrative. As the series unfolds, the line between hero and villain blurs, revealing the complexities of power and corruption. In this relentless battle between good and evil, the six best villains in The Boys stand as testament to the depths of human depravity and the allure of darkness.

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