Top 20 Must Watch Enthralling Shows On Peacock TV Right Now (2023- Edition)

If you’re looking for some binge-worthy content to keep you entertained, Peacock TV has you covered with a fantastic lineup of shows. From drama to comedy, from classic hits to new originals, Peacock offers a diverse range of shows that are sure to dominate your free time.

Peacock has a good catalogue of programs, in particular television series and some great new ones, but they also have an excellent array of shows from other networks. So, when you need some help in sorting out what to watch or wonder how the best Peacock shows are, look no further than our handy guide.

Top 20 Best Shows On Peacock TV

1) To End All War: Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb (2023)

To End All War: Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb is a historical documentary series about the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer and his central role in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II. Through expert interviews, archival footage, and dramatic performances, the series provides an in-depth look at Oppenheimer’s contributions, struggles, and the ethical dilemmas he faced as scientific director of the Manhattan Project.

DirectorChristopher Cassel
Release Date10th July 2023
Genre Biographical thriller
Cast MembersBill Nye, Charles Oppenheimer, Hideko Tamura, Ellen Bradbury Reid, Michio Kaku, Jon Else, Richard Rhodes, Kai Bird, Christopher Nolan
No of Season1 Documentary
IMDb Rating7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating

2) Twisted Metal (2023- present)

Twisted Metal, a TV series inspired by the classic PlayStation game, follows the story of an unconventional and outspoken individual presented with a life-changing opportunity. He must deliver an enigma across a postapocalyptic wasteland in order to ensure the brighter future. They face dangerous challenges on the open road, facing ruthless marauders in destructive vehicles, and other dangers in a desolate world, alongside a fearless car thief with an imposing axe.

DirectorKitao Sakurai
Release Date27 July 2023
GenreRacing game, Action
Cast MembersAnthony Mackie, Stephanie Beatriz & Lou Beatty Jr
No of Season1 Season 10 Episodes
IMDb Rating7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating

3) LA Fire and Rescue (2023-Present)

Firemen will be rescuing individuals from different situations connected with fires on the initial season of Los Angeles Fire & Rescue. The viewer will see how the fire department operates, what their daily schedule looks like, what a rapid action call means, and many other dynamics. The audience is going to be shown a great deal of drama and passion.

DirectorPaco Lomeli
Release DateJune 21, 2023
GenreReality, Action
Cast MembersPaco Lomeli, Trevor Williams, & Johnny Gray III
No of Seasons1 Season 8 Episodes
IMDb Rating7.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating

4) Project Runway (2004- Present)

Project Runway’s been a successful reality TV series that began to air in 2004. It follows young designers who compete for the challenge of creating innovative clothes. A runway show will be held each episode in which the designer gives his designs to a panel of judges, including fashion experts. With mentor Christian Siriano and judges Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell and Elaine Welteroth, the Emmy Award winning competition series that started it all returns to the studio.

Executive producersBarbara Schneeweiss, Bob Weinstein, Colleen Sands
& David Hillman
Release DateDecember 1, 2004
GenreReality show, Competition, Game Show
Cast MembersNina Garcia, Christian Siriano, Elaine Welteroth & Brandon Maxwell
No.of Seasons20 Seasons 251 episodes
IMDb Rating8.7/10

5) Real Housewives of New York City (2008-Present)

As they navigate the busy city that never sleeps, this Real Housewives of New York City show gives us a glimpse into the glamorous yet challenging lives of these women. It’s not easy to balance your career, family life and persistent social commitments, but prepared for rollercoaster emotions and exciting moments.

DirectorScott Dunlop
Release DateDecember 1, 2004
GenreReality tv show
Cast MembersNina Garcia, Christian Siriano, Elaine Welteroth & Brandon Maxwell
No.of Seasons14 Seasons 261 episodes
IMDb Rating4.8/10

6) Yellowstone (2018-Present)

The Yellowstone series follows John Dutton as he takes on the role of a loving father and a family patriarch. Even though he owned the largest land in the state, his family is still threatened and surrounded by nearby ranches. The owners of the ranch are all seeking to take advantage of corruption within government organisations in order to gain more power over their neighbours.

DirectorTaylor Sheridan 
Release DateJune 20, 2018
GenreDrama, Western
Cast MembersKevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Gil Birmingham
No.of Seasons14 Seasons 47 episodes
IMDb Rating8.7/10

7) The Blacklist (2013-2023)

In one of his most beloved roles, James Spader plays Red, a wanted fugitive who’s willing to help catch the world’s most dangerous criminals, in this long running NBC drama. With over 200 episodes spanning ten seasons, The Blacklist is a gripping crime drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

DirectorJohn Eisendrath, John Davis and John Fox 
Release DateSeptember 23, 2013
GenreDrama, Action, Crime tv
Cast MembersJames Spader, Megan Boone, Ryan Eggold, Diego Klattenhoff
No.of Seasons10 seasons, 201 episodes
IMDb Rating8.0/10

8) Law & Order Franchise (1990-present)

Without the legendary Law and Order franchise, no NBC streaming service would have been complete. Peacock’s offering episodes from the Criminal Intelligence and Special Victims Unit, as well as original programming that began in season 13. For fans of the genre, these classic detective dramas are a must watch.

DirectorDick Wolf
Release DateSeptember 13, 1990
GenreDrama, Crime procedural
Cast MembersMariska Hargitay, Kelli Giddish, Ezekial Dann Florek, Peter Scanavino
No.of Seasons22 season, 488 episodes
IMDb Rating7.8/10

9) Poker Face (2023)

Charlie’s got a special way of determining when someone is lying. She’s on the road with the Plymouth Barracuda, and every time she stops, she encounters a new cast of characters and strange crimes that she can’t help but investigate and solve.

DirectorRian Johnson
Release DateJanuary 26, 2023
GenreDrama, Comedy, Fiction
Cast MembersNatasha Lyonne, Benjamin Bratt, Simon Helberg, Adrien Brody
No.of Seasons2 season, 11 episodes
IMDb Rating7.9/10

10) Barmageddon (2022-Present)

Barmageddon, a show with an executive production team from TV celebrity Carson Daly and country music star Blake Shelton as well as many bright minds, has elevated the quality of bar games to new heights. The host is a beautiful formerWWE star, Nikkibella, and Shelton and Daly are witty commentators. In a series of extreme bar games, two celebrities are competing.

DirectorLee Metzger
Release DateDecember 5, 2022
GenreGame show
Cast MembersNikki Garcia, Blake Shelton, Carson Daly, Mercedes Varnado
No.of Seasons2 season, 9 episodes
IMDb Rating5.6/10

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion we have created this list for saving your time in searching shows on Peacock tv that are must watch and cant be missed out so enjoy your time by watching our guide of best shows on Peacock Tv.

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