The Exciting Twists and Turns of the Season: Power Book II: Ghost

Power Book II: Ghost is a spin-off of the popular television series Power. It follows the story of Tariq St. Patrick as he tries to balance his life as a college student and drug dealer while dealing with the aftermath of his father’s death.

The third season of the show has received generally positive reviews from critics and fans. The season sees Tariq dealing with the consequences of his actions in the previous season and trying to protect his family and business from new threats.

Tariq’s continued rise to power

The season picks up where the previous one left off, with Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) dealing with the aftermath of his mother’s death and trying to balance his college studies with his life as a drug dealer. The season also explores the fallout from the events of the season 2 finale and introduces new characters.

Overall, the reception to the season has been mixed. Some critics praised the show for its suspenseful plot and strong performances, particularly from Rainey Jr. and Method Man, who plays Davis MacLean. However, others felt that the season was uneven and lacked the same level of tension as the previous ones.

The reveal of the true ghost

One common criticism of the season was the slow pacing of some episodes, with some viewers feeling that the show dragged on at times.

Lauren in Power Book II: Ghost, Stars would make such a mistake. However, it turns out that Lauren is actually alive, which was a surprise to many fans.

However, all of us had a hunch that something was amiss with the whole Lauren situation, especially given the many unanswered questions surrounding her and the other bodies that were dropped off in the season two finale. Now, curious about what will happen next and how the story will ultimately unfold.

Lauren’s Struggle to Keep Her Secret

Lauren could have faked her death, which means the ghost may still be out there. People believed she was really dead because her friends posted R.I.P messages on Instagram, but some were skeptical.

Despite this, some people still believed she was dead. The first episode of the season was a good opener, introducing a new character named Noma who seems very dangerous.

However, it doesn’t make sense for Kane and Drew to throw a party at Mecca’s Penthouse, where they were easily found by Noma. It’s unclear if Noma knew that Mecca was a snitch, but she did mention it in the episode. The episode also introduced Diana and Effie, who are in the same class as Tariq, and Tariq caught another body.

Kane’s struggle with loyalty

Kane planned for his son Braden to commit a murder, but it didn’t happen because Braden wasn’t prepared and dressed appropriately. Kane was wearing a white sweater which would have looked bad if it got stained with blood. Fortunately, Tariq resolved the issue. The speaker also discusses various characters and their actions, including Regas and Jenny Sullivan who are working together to take down the Tahada and Tariq’s family.

They speculate that Cooper Sacks may get caught up in this and that someone may get implicated in the Rico case that Jenny is pursuing. Blanca is also mentioned as having cases to focus on in both New York and Chicago, which may lead to a crossover episode with Tommy Egan.

Power Book II: Ghost Ratings

Production Design6/10
Overall Rating7/10


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