Every Shocker From Yellowjackets Season 2, Episode 1

Yellowjackets, the thriller drama TV series, returned with its highly anticipated season 2, and the first episode titled ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ did not disappoint. With the first season leaving fans on the edge of their seats, the latest season has been much-awaited. Yellowjackets season 2, episode 1 aired on Showtime and delivered several shocking moments, leaving fans eager to see what the rest of the season holds. Here are some mentioned below for you to check out.

The Shocking Act Of Cannibalism

In Yellowjackets season 2, episode 1, a new twist was added to the already twisted storyline. Shauna, who is pregnant, was revealed as the first one to commit the act of cannibalism by eating Jackie’s ear. This is the most shocking moment of the episode and has raised questions about the future of the show.

Shauna has a disturbing hallucination where she argues with Jackie, leading to Shauna pushing her over and that causes the decomposing ear of Jackie to fall off. Instead of disposing of it, Shauna decides to keep it as a strange keepsake. In a surprising turn of events, the final scene of the episode shows Shauna consuming Jackie’s frozen ear, and yes there were hints of cannibalism before.

Burned Driver’s License Unveiled In Yellowjackets Season 2, Episode 1

In Yellowjackets season 2, episode 1, Adam’s license discovered by Callie has far-reaching consequences for her mother, Shauna. Even in the previous season, Shauna’s affair was upsetting for Callie, but finding out about Adam’s disappearance, her suspicion of Shauna deepens. Although Shauna and Jeff attempt to get rid of all of Adam’s belongings, including his driver’s license, Callie finds it partially burned in the grill’s ashes.

This discovery only fuels Callie’s desire to uncover the truth and could spell trouble for Shauna. Whether Callie decides to expose her mother remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the significance of this discovery will have a considerable impact on the family dynamic in the upcoming episodes.

Lottie’s Terrifying Cult Unveiled In Yellowjackets Season 2, Episode 1


In the season 2 premiere of Yellowjackets, viewers were introduced to the terrifying world of Lottie’s adulthood cult. The episode shows Lottie, played by Simone Kessell, giving a rousing speech to her followers, emphasizing the importance of finding power within oneself. However, as the episode progresses, it becomes clear that Lottie’s message of empowerment is anything but harmless.

During the episode’s climactic scene, Natalie witnesses Lottie’s cult members wearing animal masks as they attempt to bury someone alive. This scene not only showcases the cult’s violent tendencies, but also raises questions about Lottie’s true intentions and powers.

While Lottie’s influence as a spiritual leader in the 1996 timeline grows, her willingness to resort to bloodshed becomes increasingly apparent. Lottie’s actions prove her to be a far more dangerous force than initially believed. This revelation raises the question of what other atrocities Lottie and her cult may be capable of committing. 

Jeff Joins in Covering Up Adam’s Murder in Yellowjackets

In the 2021 timeline of Yellowjackets, Jeff takes a shocking step to aid his wife Shauna in covering up Adam’s murder. Instead of simply helping to dispose of evidence, Jeff goes to his art studio with Shauna and defaces pictures of her. The discovery of Adam’s art studio in season 2, episode 1 leads the couple to dispose of incriminating evidence, including many paintings and drawings of Shauna. Using paint thinner, they even alter Shauna’s face to make it unrecognizable.

The situation becomes even more disturbing when Jeff and Shauna decide to have some twisted fun of their own. While Shauna has helped Jeff cover up his blackmail scheme, murder is a much more serious crime. This revelation proves that their relationship is far more complex than initially thought, and Jeff may be just as disturbed as his wife, despite not having survived a plane crash in the wilderness like the other survivors.

Lottie’s Kidnapping of Natalie Revealed in Yellowjackets Season 2 Premiere

Yellowjackets season 2, episode 1 has finally answered one of the biggest questions left hanging since the season 1 finale: who kidnapped Natalie? As it turns out, it was Lottie Matthews, the latest Yellowjackets survivor, who was revealed to have emptied Travis’ bank account. In the premiere, Natalie is shown being held captive by Lottie’s cult members before she eventually manages to escape by stabbing one of them with a fork.

While it’s unclear what Lottie’s true intentions were for taking Natalie, it’s certainly a shocking development given Lottie’s already questionable actions in the past. The fact that Lottie managed to survive in the wilderness on her own was surprising enough, but this revelation about her kidnapping adds an even more ominous layer to her character. What message does Lottie have for Natalie from Travis, and what other secrets is Lottie keeping hidden? These are just some of the questions that audiences will be eagerly awaiting answers to in the upcoming episodes of Yellowjackets.

Shauna’s Trauma Manifests in Creepy Hallucinations in Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 1 

In Yellowjackets season 2, episode 1, it is unveiled that the majority of the survivors have suffered from trauma due to their months-long ordeal in the Ontario wilderness without rescue. Shauna, who played a part in Jackie’s death, deals with her guilt by talking to her deceased friend and asking for forgiveness for things she never had the opportunity to do, such as her relationship with Jeff. Shauna’s past hallucinations of Jackie as an adult were disturbing, but her new coping mechanism of conversing with her dead body in the meat shed is even more unsettling. Through their conversations, it becomes clear that Shauna is struggling with psychological trauma from the plane crash, which she has not been able to resolve in her adult life. The impact of Shauna’s behavior on the other survivors remains uncertain, as does the eventual disposition of Jackie’s body.


The Yellowjackets season 2 episode 1, titled ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen,’ was an intense and thrilling episode that set the tone for what promises to be an exciting season. With new developments in the story and shocking moments that left viewers wanting more, the episode lived up to fans’ expectations. As the series continues, it will be interesting to see how the characters’ stories unfold and what twists and turns the show has in store.

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