Is Room On The Broom On Netflix – Get To Know Where You Can Watch Room On The Broom

In the realm of family-friendly Halloween entertainment, one animated gem stands out – “Room on the Broom.” This enchanting 2012 short film, adapted from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s beloved picture book, weaves a magical tale narrated by the illustrious Simon Pegg. Join us on a journey through the skies with a witch (voiced by Gillian Anderson) and her eclectic group of companions – a cat (Rob Brydon), a dog (Martin Clunes), a bird (Sally Hawkins), and a frog (David Walliams).

A Spellbinding Adventure Unfolds

The whimsical escapade takes an unexpected turn when a fiery encounter with a dragon (Timothy Spall) forces this unlikely team to unite, pooling their unique talents to save the bewitched witch from harm. Beyond the captivating storyline, “Room on the Broom” intricately explores themes of friendship and collaboration, making it a perfect Halloween treat for the entire family.

Streaming Spell: Unveiling the Whereabouts

For those eager to partake in this delightful Halloween tradition, the burning question arises – where can one stream “Room on the Broom”? Let’s dive into the streaming cauldron and unearth the answers.

Netflix Enigma: A No-Go Zone

Is Room On The Broom On Netflix - Get To Know Where You Can Watch Room On The Broom

If you’re a Netflix aficionado, we regret to inform you that “Room on the Broom” has not found a home within the expansive Netflix library. The streaming giant, known for its diverse content, does not currently offer this enchanting animated short.

Prime Video: A Magical Portal

Fear not, for there is a beacon of hope for “Room on the Broom” enthusiasts. Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming platform, has embraced this magical tale. However, a slight twist awaits – it’s not available for free to Prime Video subscribers. Instead, you can rent the film for $2.99 or purchase it for $6.99. Remember, rentals are valid for 30 days post-purchase, and once you hit play, you have a magical 48 hours to enjoy the enchantment.

Apple TV+: Another Portal to the Skies

The enchantment extends to Apple TV+, offering yet another gateway to “Room on the Broom.” Similar to Prime Video, rentals come at $2.99, and the purchase price stands at $6.99. For those new to Apple TV+, a subscription is priced at $9.99/month post a seven-day free trial. An intriguing twist awaits recent Apple device purchasers – they enjoy three months of Apple TV+ for free.

Choosing Your Magical Gateway

In summary, “Room on the Broom” is not a Netflix spectacle, but the journey doesn’t end there. Prime Video and Apple TV+ beckon, each offering a magical key to unlock the wonders of this animated Halloween treasure. Whether you choose to rent or buy, the spellbinding adventure awaits, promising a bewitching experience for the entire family.

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