Best Mini-Series on Hulu To Watch in 2024

In the ever-expanding landscape of streaming services, Hulu stands out as a go-to platform for an impressive array of content, and mini-series enthusiasts are in for a treat. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, comedy, crime drama, or documentaries, Hulu has something to offer. In this article, we’ll delve into the Best Mini-Series on Hulu, exploring captivating stories that cater to a diverse audience.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2023)

Hulu subscribers are in for an epic journey into Greek mythology with Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Based on the beloved book series by Rick Riordan, this fantasy mini-series introduces us to Percy Jackson, a 12-year-old demigod and son of Poseidon. With a mission to recover Zeus’s stolen thunderbolt, Percy, played by Walker Scobell, embarks on a quest that takes viewers on a thrilling ride through the realms of gods and goddesses. Riordan’s involvement in the project ensures a faithful adaptation that has garnered praise for its acting, storytelling, and depiction of the mythical world.

Such Brave Girls (2023)

best mini-series on Hulu

For those seeking hearty laughs and a touch of British humor, Such Brave Girls is a delightful addition to Hulu’s mini-series lineup. This BBC Three sitcom features an all-female ensemble cast, led by Kat Sadler and Louise Brealey. The show revolves around Josie and Billie, siblings living with their single mother Deb, as they navigate life, continuously making amusingly bad decisions. Created by Sadler, the series brings an authentic touch to the dysfunctional family sitcom sub-genre, making it a wonderful and entertaining watch.

Science Fair: The Series (2023)

Best Mini-Series on Hulu

Science Fair: The Series takes mini-series to new heights by merging education with reality TV. A follow-up to the 2018 documentary, this three-part docuseries provides a glimpse into the International Science and Engineering Fair, where over 2,000 teenage students from 80+ countries showcase their innovative projects. As these young minds tackle real-world issues, from hunger to climate change, the series offers smart and inspiring television that captivates both kids and adults. Science Fair: The Series is a testament to the potential of the next generation in solving global challenges.

A Murder at the End of the World (2023)

Mystery enthusiasts will find themselves engrossed in the series A Murder at the End of the World. This mini-series, akin to the style of Knives Out, revolves around an ensemble cast of characters invited to a reclusive billionaire’s estate. The Crown’s Emma Corrin stars as Darby, an amateur detective, who takes it upon herself to investigate a murder that occurs during the gathering. With only seven episodes, this gripping mystery keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, offering a perfect blend of suspense and intrigue.

Culprits (2023)

best mini-series on Hulu

Culprits emerges as a must-watch mini-series for fans of high-stakes heist dramas. The story follows a crew who believes they’ve executed the perfect heist, only to face a sudden twist when members start getting killed. As the remaining group members reunite to uncover the truth and prevent further bloodshed, the series introduces elements of action, crime, and even hints of horror. Premiering on Star via Disney+ before gracing Hulu, Culprits has received acclaim for its slick pacing and unique spin on the heist genre.

Shoresy (2022)

For fans of the popular Canadian comedy Letterkenny, Shoresy offers a unique perspective. While Shoresy remains unseen in Letterkenny, this spinoff brings the character, played by Jared Keeso, to the forefront. Shoresy’s move to Sudbury to assist a struggling local hockey team unfolds with the humor and familiar Canadian slang that made “Letterkenny” a hit. With Shoresy being a merchandise favorite, this comedy promises laughs and a deeper dive into the character’s story.

Welcome to Wrexham (2022)

Welcome to Wrexham (2022)

Offering a real-life tale akin to the heartwarming charm of Ted Lasso, Welcome to Wrexham documents actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds’ journey of purchasing a struggling football club. The duo, unfamiliar with football management, aims to revive the third-oldest club in the world, bringing hope to a community hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. This docuseries combines humor with touching stories, showcasing the passion of two Hollywood stars determined to make a positive impact through sports.

Justified: City Primeval (2023)

Justified: City Primeval serves as a thrilling continuation of the acclaimed series Justified. Timothy Olyphant reprises his role as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, now in Miami, chasing down a criminal known as The Oklahoma Wildman. Based on Elmore Leonard’s novels, the mini-series has received rave reviews, particularly praising Olyphant’s performance. With its roots in the neo-Western genre, “Justified: City Primeval promises intense drama and intricate storytelling.

Wrapping It All Up!

Hulu’s collection of mini-series provides a diverse and captivating selection for every viewer’s taste. From mythical adventures and quirky comedies to high-stakes mysteries and real-life football adventures, the platform delivers top-notch entertainment. With the inclusion of popular mini-series like Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Culprits, Hulu ensures a fulfilling streaming experience for those seeking quality storytelling. So, grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot, and get ready to embark on these mini-series journeys available on Hulu right now.

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