7 Best Comedy Shows to Watch on HBO Max in 2024

Ladies, gentlemen, and comedy aficionados, lend me your ears (or eyes, in this case)! The quest for the perfect chuckle-inducing binge-watch ends right here. HBO Max, not just your average streaming giant, is home to a smorgasbord of rib-tickling, sidesplitting series. From the darkly humorous to the outright bizarre, we’ve scoured the HBO Max library to bring you the best comedy shows on HBO Max in 2024.

But first, for those globe-trotting or living beyond the star-spangled banner’s reach, let’s tackle the crucial question: how to watch HBO Max outside the US? Fear not, dear international laugh-seekers, a trusty VPN is your golden ticket to this comedy wonderland.

Now, let’s dive into the comedic ocean!

Harley Quinn (2019-present)

Last but definitely not least, Harley Quinn crashes onto our list with the subtlety of a mallet to the face. This adult animation juggernaut is a fearless, no-holds-barred take on the DC universe. Kaley Cuoco’s Harley is a chaotic blend of hilarity and heart, proving that even in a world of superheroes, the clown can be queen.

Silicon Valley (2014-2019)

Silicon Valley, the brainchild of Mike Judge, is like the tech world wrapped in a comedic burrito. It’s a perfect mix of industry insight and ludicrous scenarios that hit you where it’s funny. This show is a testament to the underdog spirit, making it a top pick for HBO Max best comedy series.

Our Flag Means Death (2022-present)

Set sail with Our Flag Means Death, a show that takes the historical figure Stede Bonnet and spins a yarn so whimsical, it’s hard not to get tangled in its charm. It’s a tale of piracy, comedy, and an unexpected love story that’s as heartwarming as it is hilarious. The chemistry between Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi is the show’s crowning jewel, proving that even pirates can find a place in our hearts.

And Just Like That (2021-present)

And Just Like That, the phoenix that rose from the Sex and the City ashes, brings back our favorite Manhattanites. While the show wobbles on the comedy-drama tightrope, it bravely dives into the deep end of topics like sexuality and aging, giving us a fresh, progressive look at life beyond the flirtatious thirties. It’s a delightful blend of nostalgia and newness, making it a must-watch in the best HBO Max shows category.

Chewing Gum (2015-2017)

Michaela Coel’s Chewing Gum is a show that doesn’t just chew the comedy cud; it devours it. This series is a headfirst dive into the life of Tracey Gordon, a young woman grappling with her religious upbringing in modern-day London.

It’s a rollercoaster of absurdity, but don’t be fooled – beneath its laugh-out-loud exterior lies a profound commentary on religion and 21st-century Britain. It’s one of those best shows on HBO Max that you can’t afford to miss.

Barry (2018-2023)

Meet Barry, a hitman with a heart and a hilariously misplaced dream of theatrical stardom. Co-created by Alec Berg (the mastermind behind Silicon Valley) and Bill Hader (your go-to oddball comic), Barry is a cocktail of sharp Hollywood satire, a pinch of toxic masculinity critique, and a dash of action-packed sequences.

Bill Hader isn’t just the star; he’s the puppet master of this Emmy-tickling marionette, making Barry a top contender in HBO Max’s best comedy series.

Insecure (2016-2021)

Insecure, Issa Rae’s brainchild, is like a fine wine – it gets better with every season. A mirror to the awkward, unfiltered realities of Black womanhood, this show is a seamless blend of humor and poignant social commentary. It’s a masterclass in character development and narrative prowess, securing its spot in the best shows on HBO Max.

So, there you have it – the 7 best comedy shows on HBO Max in 2024. Whether you’re in the mood for a dark comedy, a laugh-out-loud sitcom, or a wacky animated series, HBO Max has got you covered. Remember, laughter is just a stream away!

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