Best Korean Dramas On Disney Plus February 2024 Updated

As the popularity of Korean dramas continues to skyrocket globally, Disney Plus has become a treasure trove for K-drama enthusiasts. In 2024, the platform has outdone itself by hosting a plethora of Korean series that cater to a wide range of tastes, from heart-wrenching romances and intense thrillers to historical epics and action-packed dramas. This comprehensive guide delves into the ten Best Korean Dramas On Disney+, promising an enthralling experience for viewers.

1. The Worst of Evil

Set in the chaotic backdrop of 1990s Seoul, The Worst of Evil is a gripping crime drama that plunges into the dark underbelly of the city. The narrative revolves around Jung Gi Cheol, a former DJ who becomes a feared gang leader, and the intrepid rural police officer Park Joon Mo, portrayed by Ji Chang Wook. Tasked with infiltrating the drug syndicate, Joon Mo’s journey is riddled with danger, deception, and a personal quest for justice. This drama is a thrilling ride, perfect for those who relish gritty, high-stakes storytelling.

2. Call It Love

Call It Love offers a complex tale of revenge and romance. The drama follows Sim Woo Joo, whose world turns upside down following her father’s death and subsequent betrayal by his mistress. Woo Joo, played by Lee Sung Kyung, embarks on a mission to avenge her father’s mistress by targeting her son, only to find herself falling for him. This emotional rollercoaster combines the bitterness of betrayal with the unpredictability of love, making it a compelling watch.

3. Moving

Billed as the most expensive K-drama to date, Moving is an extraordinary blend of espionage and family drama. It tells the story of South Korean spies with supernatural abilities attempting to lead normal lives. However, when their children inherit these powers, the spies are pulled back into a life of danger. Featuring stellar performances by Ryu Seung Ryong, Han Hyo Joo, and Jo In Sung, “Moving” is a standout for its high production value and unique storyline.

4. Dr. Romantic 3

The third installment of the beloved medical drama, Dr. Romantic 3, sees the return of the charismatic Dr. Kim Sabu, played by Han Suk Kyu. The series continues to unravel the challenges faced by the staff of Doldam Hospital, blending medical drama with personal conflicts and ethical dilemmas. Its gripping narrative and well-developed characters make it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

5. Shadow Detective Season 2

Building on the success of its first season, Shadow Detective Season 2 is a dark, intriguing series that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The series follows a detective who, after being demoted, becomes embroiled in a complex web of mysteries and deceit. Its compelling plot and suspenseful storytelling are sure to enthrall mystery and thriller enthusiasts.

6. Vigilante

Adapted from a popular webtoon, Vigilante is a gritty drama about Kim Jiyong, a man seeking revenge for his mother’s unjust death. Nam Joo Hyuk’s portrayal of Jiyong, who becomes a police officer to exact vigilante justice, is both powerful and poignant. The cat-and-mouse game with detective Jo Heon adds a thrilling dynamic to the narrative, making it an addictive watch.

7. Han River Police

A perfect mix of action and comedy, Han River Police presents the unlikely pairing of a diligent police sergeant and a laid-back lieutenant. Their adventures along the Han River are filled with humor and unexpected twists, offering a lighter take on the crime drama genre. Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Hee Won’s chemistry as the lead duo is a highlight of the series.

8. Family: The Unbreakable Bond

This spy thriller with a domestic twist stars Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara as a couple harboring deep secrets. Family: The Unbreakable Bond masterfully combines elements of espionage with family drama, creating a narrative that is both suspenseful and emotionally resonant. The duality of the characters’ lives adds a unique flavor to the storyline.

9. Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun 2

The epic saga continues in Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun 2, where fantasy and history intertwine in the mythical land of Arthdal. The power struggles and rich world-building make it a standout in the historical fantasy genre. The drama, featuring Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ok Vin, is a visual spectacle and a testament to the creative storytelling of Korean dramas.

10. Soundtrack #2

A sequel to the hit Soundtrack #1, this romantic drama explores the themes of love, loss, and betrayal. It follows the story of former sweethearts, played by Keum Sae Rok and Sang Hyun “Steve” Noh, who reunite under serendipitous circumstances. The Soundtrack # 2 is a poignant exploration of second chances in love, resonating deeply with viewers who appreciate emotional depth in storytelling.


Disney Plus has curated an exceptional range of Korean dramas that cater to various tastes and preferences. From the high-octane action of Moving to the intricate plot of The Worst of Evil, and the emotional depth of Call It Love, these dramas offer a glimpse into the rich and diverse world of Korean storytelling. Whether you’re a long-time K-drama fan or a newcomer to the genre, these series promise an unforgettable viewing experience.

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