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As the wind kicked up and clouds coated the sky Saturday afternoon, Lower.com Field’s video displays were branded with the phrase Finding Harmony. It was an invitation for the Columbus community to join together, sing together, and be part of something big. John Legend and David Brown strive to convert a broken community into a strong chorus. Be the part of the vast group and watch the show airing on December 14, 2022 on ABC. Here is a list of all the places you can watch Finding Harmony online.

What is the release date of Finding Harmony?

On December 14, 2022, ABC will air the pop-up concert encouraging attendees to unite and raise their voices.

Where to watch Finding Harmony online?

The tv special Finding Harmony will premiere on the streaming platform ABC on December 14th, 2022.

What is the plot of Finding Harmony?

As part of a reality TV pilot for ABC, Disney, and John Legend’s Get Lifted film firm, the producers wanted to capture a pop-up chorus of 20,000 people “singing with one voice.” In just a few short minutes, David Brown, the creator and creative director of the Columbus-based Harmony Project, will have the tens of thousands of spectators singing as one. The event is the capstone of an action-packed week of Harmony Project activities, which were filmed for an ABC television special to air later this year.

What makes this concert so special?

The Harmony Project, meanwhile, is committed to uniting people across lines of race, religion, economic status, and more, and amplifying the voices of the people; hence, they are also an ideal foundation for this endeavor.

Peggy Meckling-Baker, director of communications for Harmony, remarked, “This event represents a milestone for the measures we are going ahead to build community in the way we want to see it.” It’s true that “we don’t necessarily have to agree on how to vote, how to worship, or even how to live,” but most people can find common ground on minor issues where they can work together for the greater good.

Finding Harmony Official Trailer

The trailer is not available from the streaming platform VH1. We will update once published on ABC. 

What are some early reactions and comments about Finding Harmony?

Here are the audience’s early comments and reactions about Finding Harmony.


What will be the first song in the concert Finding Harmony?

“Up&Up” by Coldplay was the first music chosen for the pilot because of its upbeat mood and memorable chorus..

Who is David Brown?

David Brown is the founder and director of the Columbus Finding Harmony project. He gathered a crowd of thousands to capture a pilot of a musical reality tv-show.


It is hardly surprising that the Columbus Crew’s first public musical event in its new home featured an enormous choir to demonstrate the power of community, given the outpouring of support the team received during the “Save the Crew” phase.

The timing was perfect, and the chance presented itself at the proper moment. The Harmony Project claims that a project of this magnitude has never been undertaken by the Columbus chorus before.

Though ticket sales came close to meeting expectations, the event’s turnout fell short in person but not in spirit. David Brown, the creative director of Harmony, asked the crowd to “show the world who Columbus is,” and if they succeed, the world will see Columbus as friendly and optimistic.

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