Why Eddie and Susie Don’t Need Romance to Make ‘The Gentlemen’ Better

The Gentlemen” has gripped audiences with its gripping narrative of Eddie Horniman (Theo James) navigating his family’s criminal underworld after his father’s death. At the heart of this story is Susie Glass, portrayed by Kaya Scodelario, who manages the family’s cannabis empire with unwavering determination.

Despite Susie being one of Guy Ritchie’s most well-rounded female characters, some fans expressed disappointment at the series’ conclusion, longing for a romantic connection between Eddie and Susie. However, this desire overlooks the strength of Susie’s independence.

In many heist and gangster stories, female characters often serve as mere distractions or love interests for the male protagonist. However, Susie’s character transcends this trope, with her own subplots and agency independent of Eddie.

The Gentleman

Theo James, who plays Eddie, emphasized the unique chemistry between Eddie and Susie, describing their dynamic as a love-hate relationship fueled by mutual respect and admiration. However, he stressed that their relationship doesn’t require a romantic angle to be compelling.

Kaya Scodelario echoed this sentiment, highlighting the realism of their dynamic and the intensity of their shared experiences. She emphasized that their connection goes beyond romance, rooted in mutual understanding and occasional betrayal.

Ultimately, Susie Glass stands as a far more intriguing character without being tethered to a romantic subplot with Eddie. Her strength and resilience shine through as she navigates the complexities of the criminal world, making her an indispensable part of “The Gentlemen’s” narrative.

The Gentlemen” is currently streaming on Netflix, offering audiences a captivating blend of action and intrigue. For more updates on “The Gentlemen” and other Netflix releases, stay tuned for the latest news and memes.

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