‘The Wheel of Time’ star will not return for season 2

The Wheel of Time star Alexandre Willaume confirms that Thom Merrilin will not return for season 2.

The American high fantasy television series The Wheel of Time is a novel based series. The writers of the novel are Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The television series is produced by Rafe Judkins.

The protagonist of the television series is Moiraine, a powerful group of females known as the Aes Sedai. She searches for a group of five teenage peasants from the remote town of two Rivers with her Warder, Lan, convinced that one of them is the reincarnation of the Dragon, a tremendously potent channeler who shattered the world. The Dark One, a primordial evil, is predicted to be vanquished by the Dragon Reborn, or the world will be destroyed once he arrives.

Willaume, who played as Thom in the first season, revealed the enigmatic gleeman’s departure during an episode of the Mighty Dragon podcast. He explained, “I’m not in Season 2 because Thom Merrilin, my character, is not in for Season 2. But he should be in for Season 3, so I hope that [I’ll be back].”

Since Amazon Studios has not yet made a public announcement regarding The Wheel of Time season 3 casting, Willaume’s speculation about Thom’s potential return is, for the time being, its just that speculation.

The first season of The Wheel of Time is available in Prime Videos whereas the release date has not yet been set for Season 2.

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