Your Complete Guide: Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode Guide

Goodbyes are always hard! The final season of Reservation Dogs was released on 2 August 2023 On FX and on next day available to stream on Hulu. It was co-created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi and has been a huge success since it debuted in 2021, and now fans are preparing to say goodbye to the cherished family. We have come up with a complete Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode Guide for you. New episode Deer Lady is coming tomorrow on 9 August 2023. Don’t forget to miss the chance.

The series depicts the lives of four Indigenous youngsters in Oklahoma following the passing of their shared companion, Daniel. As they grapple with bereavement and navigate through a series of life’s alterations, the clique faces challenges in preserving their bonds. In the second season, tensions reach a boiling point among them. Nevertheless, Season 3 hints at an extraordinary odyssey as these endearing personalities embark on a homeward voyage from California, all the while unraveling their future paths.

As you grapple with bidding farewell to Elora, Bear, Cheese, and Willie Jack, anticipate the upcoming season to captivate you and have you in fits of laughter. Curious about catching the latest episodes of Reservation Dogs on Hulu? Read the article till end to get all information.

Where Can I Watch Reservation Dogs Season 3?

You can watch Reservation Dogs Season 3 on Hulu. If is unavailable outside the USA, you need a subscription of Hulu to access the series. Hulu offers two subscription charges: Basic Plan which comes with ads and charges $7.99/month or $79.99/year and other is Premium Plan which comes with ad-free and costs $14.99/month. Beginning at $69.99 per month, the service also provides package deals inclusive of Live TV and other streaming platforms.

When do New Episodes of Reservation Dogs Comes Out?

Here is the guide of all new episodes of Reservation Dogs Season 3.

EpisodesTitleRelease Date
1BUSSIN’2 August 2023
2Maximus2 August 2023
3Deer Lady9 August 2023
4Friday16 August 2023
5House Made of Bongs23 August 2023
6Frankfurter Sandwich30 August 2023
7TBA6 September 2023
8TBA13 September 2023
9TBA20 September 2023
10TBA27 September 2023

Episode Reviews

“It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I have a lot of faith in this series’ brilliant writers to give us a worthwhile and moving goodbye to the Rez Dogs. The Rez Dogs now have a sense of peace about Daniel’s spirit resting, but that doesn’t mean their paths are suddenly clear.”

The Review Geek

“Bear continues his aimless walking, but he’s not sure how much longer he can go on without food or water. After a run-in with the spirit of a Spanish Conquistador, he’s so upset William Knifeman got him into this mess that he insults the spirit warrior.”

The Review Geek

Reservation Dogs Daniel Death

The Reservation Dogs star Daniel died by Sucide. He never directly admits to taking his own life, and neither do his friends or family shame him for it. After his passing, she and her husband Danny divorced, and Hokti was imprisoned.

Wrap Up

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode Guide is the last season which will keep you engage till September 2023 as you know when will the new episode will come.

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