Paramount Secures Jack Quaid and Amber Midthunder for Action Thriller Novocaine

Paramount Pictures is set to captivate audiences with its latest action-packed acquisition, Novocaine. Starring Jack Quaid of The Boys fame and the exceptional Amber Midthunder from the Predator spinoff Prey, this thriller boasts franchise potential and is bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

According to Deadline, with production scheduled to kick off in South Africa this April, the film is set to be a groundbreaking venture for Infrared, the FilmNation Entertainment production shingle.

Paramount’s substantial investment, estimated at around $30 million, underscores the studio’s confidence in the project’s success. The dynamic duo of Robert Olsen and Dan Berk, known for their work on Villains, will direct the film based on Lars Jacobson’s script.

Action Thriller Novocaine

Novocaine revolves around Nathan Caine, portrayed by Quaid, a sheltered bank executive with a rare genetic condition that renders him impervious to physical pain. When faced with a bank heist and the kidnapping of a co-worker, Caine transforms his apparent vulnerability into an unexpected strength, paving the way for a gripping narrative reminiscent of iconic franchises like Die Hard and John Wick.

The film’s producers, including Joby Harold, Tory Tunnell, Drew Simon, Sam Speiser, and Matt Schwartz, are gearing up for a project with the potential to launch Quaid and Midthunder into stardom. This venture marks the debut feature for Infrared, adding another layer of anticipation to the mix.

Novocaine promises a fresh take on the action thriller genre, and the collaboration between Quaid and Midthunder is set to be nothing short of electrifying. As Paramount continues to push boundaries, Novocaine is poised to be a must-watch, blending adrenaline-pumping sequences with a unique storyline. Stay tuned for more updates as this thrilling project unfolds.

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