Netflix Slam Dunks with Brenda Song, Scott MacArthur & Drew Tarver Joining Mindy Kaling’s Basketball Series

Netflix scores big as Brenda Song, Scott MacArthur, and Drew Tarver sign on for Mindy Kaling’s untitled basketball series, adding flair to the star-studded cast featuring Kate Hudson.

In this sports-fueled comedy, Isla Gordon (Hudson), the lone sister in a family of competitive brothers, steps into the limelight as she’s unexpectedly appointed President of the Los Angeles Waves, a renowned professional basketball franchise.

As per Deadline, the plot thickens as Isla, faced with a scandal involving her brother, seizes the opportunity to prove her mettle in the challenging world of sports dominated by men.

Dollface’s Brenda Song takes on the role of Ali Lee, the Chief of Staff of the Waves, equipped with a sharp wit and insider knowledge of the Gordon family’s intricate dynamics.

Having shared a college dorm room with Isla, Ali is set to bring humor and toughness to the series, even earning the respect of the team’s toughest players.

Basketball Series Netflix

The Other Two’s Drew Tarver and The Righteous Gemstones‘ Scott MacArthur embody Isla’s ambitious and sometimes quirky brothers. Tarver portrays Sandy Gordon, the brainiac of the family determined to restore the franchise to its former glory, despite lacking athleticism.

On the other hand, MacArthur steps into the emotionally sensitive shoes of Ness Gordon, the team’s General Manager with an infectious enthusiasm for both brilliant and questionable ideas. Ness, a former player, hungers for success in the front office to compensate for his unremarkable career on the court.

The ten-part series, penned and executive produced by Mindy Kaling, Ike Barinholtz, and David Stassen, promises a slam dunk with its intriguing mix of sports, humor, and family dynamics.

With talents like Song, Tarver, and MacArthur on board, this Netflix original is gearing up to be a must-watch for fans of comedy and sports alike. Stay tuned for the whistle to blow on this exciting addition to Netflix’s lineup.

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