Paramount Plus Unveils Exciting New Korean Content Lineup in Collaboration with CJ ENM

Paramount Plus is making waves in the world of streaming with its latest announcement, expanding its Korean content slate through a partnership with CJ ENM. Following in Netflix’s footsteps, the collaboration brings forth three intriguing series set to captivate audiences across various regions.

Deadline reports that Dongjae, The Good Or The Bastard, a spin-off of the popular thriller series Stranger, takes center stage. This gripping show revolves around Seo Dongjae, a complex character who finds himself at the center of a murder case involving a high school girl.

Balancing his role as a prosecutor with his instincts as an opportunist, Dongjae’s journey promises to be one of intrigue and moral conflict. Starring Lee Jun Hyuk, this series is brought to life by a talented team of creators, including Lee Su-yeon, Park Gun Ho, Hwang Hajung, and Kim Sangwon.

Love takes center stage in Dreaming Of Cinde Fxxxing Rella, a unique romantic comedy created by Baek Mi-kyoung. Our protagonist encounters her “Prince Charming,” who happens to be a non-believer in love.

Starring Pyo Ye-jin and Lee Jun-young, this series is directed by Kim Min-kyeong and written by Yu-ja. Produced by CJ ENM, Story Phoenix, and KeyEast, get ready for a love story with a twist.

Thrills and suspense await in Pyramid Game, a series created by JQ Lee. This narrative delves into the challenges faced by a schoolgirl attempting to escape the clutches of bullying and participate in a high-stakes high school game.

Paramount Plus Unveils Exciting New Korean Content Lineup in Collaboration with CJ ENM

The story unfolds as she transforms into a “sniper” to bring an end to the violence. With an impressive cast, including Kim Jiyeon, Jang Da A, Ryu Da In, Kang Na Eon, Jeong Ha Dam, Shin Seul Ki, and Yulli, this series promises suspense and action.

An Impressive Lineup

These three additions complete the impressive lineup of co-produced Korean originals by Paramount Plus and CJ ENM’s streaming service TVing. Following the success of earlier titles like Yonder, Bargain, A Bloody Lucky Day, and Queen Woo, these new series are set to continue the trend of gripping storytelling.

Catherine Park, Paramount’s Senior Vice President and Head of Streaming and regional Lead, in Asia, expressed excitement about the collaboration’s fruitful results and the global reach of Korean content through Paramount Plus. Yang Si-kwon, Head of Content at TVing, highlighted the expanding collaboration’s significance in maximizing partnership synergy.

Paramount Plus, which entered the Asian market in partnership with TVing, continues to make its mark in the streaming industry, bringing captivating content to audiences worldwide.

Stay tuned for these exciting Korean series, set to transport viewers into a world of drama, romance, and suspense.

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