Exploring “Painkiller” on Netflix: A Gripping Medical Drama

Netflix has provided a mesmerizing glimpse into a realm of opulence and enigma, captivating audiences with an exclusive sneak peek into its forthcoming limited series, “Painkiller.” The initial three minutes of the inaugural episode have been revealed, granting a tantalizing preview of what lies ahead.

This highly anticipated series features none other than Matthew Broderick, renowned for his iconic portrayal in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” assuming the role of a character who has amassed immense riches by exploiting the opioid crisis that has tightly ensnared America.

As the premiere date looms closer, viewers are primed for an exploration of the complexities and moral dilemmas that often accompany immense affluence intertwined with ethically questionable decisions.

Get ready to dive into a narrative that delves into the intricate web of riches, power, and societal repercussions.

Where to watch Painkiller” on Netflix

Painkiller will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix on August 10. Once you find the show, you can start streaming it instantly from the comfort of your device. Netflix offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to enjoy a wide range of content, including documentaries, movies, TV shows, and more. Tune in to Netflix and experience Painkiller today.

Key Details About the Show

Release dateAugust 10, 2023
Based onPatrick Radden Keefe’s New Yorker article “The Family That Built an Empire of Pain” and Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic by Barry Meier
CreatorsMicah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster
DirectorPeter Berg
ProducersEric Newman and Barry Meier
CastMatthew Broderick, Uzo Aduba, Taylor Kitsch

Official Trailer

The Painkiller preview offers a potent and unsettling view of the opioid crisis. The series won’t avoid the tough truths surrounding the crisis. The preview is also skillfully crafted and suspenseful, leaving viewers eager for more.

Exploring Netflix’s “Painkiller”: A Tale of Riches, Struggles, and Redemption

“Painkiller,” offers a sneak peek into the life of Richard Sackler, played by Matthew Broderick. The first scene shows Richard dealing with a noisy smoke alarm in his big house. The scene is set to the song “The Sound of Silence,” creating a contrast between his wealth and his challenges.

Painkiller on Netflix

Richard Sackler’s Morning Challenge

The series opens with Richard Sackler, played by Matthew Broderick, struggling with a noisy smoke alarm early in the morning. His attempts to turn it off by throwing things up don’t work because the ceiling is too high. This humorous yet meaningful scene sets the stage for the show’s exploration of his life.

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Richard’s Connection to Purdue Pharma

Let’s delve into the story of Richard, who’s closely tied to Purdue Pharma—a company known for creating the strong but addictive painkiller OxyContin. Richard happens to be the nephew of Arthur Sackler, the founder of the company. This connection raises important questions about how the pharmaceutical industry plays a role in the opioid crisis, which has affected many lives. It’s like unraveling a puzzle of relationships, decisions, and the broader impact on society.

Painkiller on Netflix

The Cast: Faces to Watch

Apart from Broderick, the series features a talented cast including Uzo Aduba, Taylor Kitsch, and others. Their performances contribute to the depth and complexity of the story, making it more compelling.

Matthew BroderickRichard Sackler
Uzo AdubaBridget Rooney Curtis
Taylor KitschBilly Cutler
Peter SarsgaardRick Mountcastle
Kaitlyn DeverGrace Curtis
Rosemarie DeWittTheresa Sackler
Colin HanksRandy Ramseyer
John HoogenakkerArt Van Zee
Will PoulterMichael Friedman
Jamie NeumannGretchen Smith

The Opioid Crisis: A Troubling Reality

Amidst the opioid crisis that has deeply affected America, the series emerges in this troubled setting. At first, OxyContin seemed like a helpful painkiller, but it turned out to be highly addictive and caused a lot of harm.

Painkiller on Netflix

The show takes us into the lives of those affected by addiction and explores how it all unfolded. It’s like peeling back the layers of a story that reveals the struggles, origins, and consequences of addiction in a powerful way.

Understanding Richard’s Character

In an interview, Matthew Broderick discussed Richard’s character and his overwhelming circumstances. Richard’s predicament is challenging, and he comes to realize this fact belatedly.

This insight adds depth to his character, encouraging viewers to empathize with his struggles. As we explore the story further, Broderick’s revelation helps us understand the intricacies of Richard’s journey and the emotions he battles

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Real Stories that Inspire

The series draws its inspiration from actual events and experiences documented in a book titled “Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic.” This book tells the story of how deceptive practices and the origins of the opioid crisis intertwined. Additionally, the series also takes insights from a detailed article published in The New Yorker. This article, titled “The Family That Built an Empire of Pain,” sheds light on the people behind the crisis and how their actions affected many lives.

Using these real stories as a foundation, the show’s creators aim to craft an authentic narrative. These stories offer substance, providing a factual basis for portraying the opioid crisis’s impact. This approach ensures the series reflects real events and their impact on society. It’s like building a story on a solid foundation of truth, allowing viewers to understand the complexities of the crisis and the lives it touched.

Behind the Scenes with the Producer

Eric Newman, the series’ executive producer, shared a vivid goal for “Painkiller.” He clarified that the aim is to portray a comprehensive picture of the opioid crisis, showing all sides. This includes those who triggered the crisis and those who suffered. The series also spotlights courageous figures who revealed the truth. By presenting these various perspectives, the series intends to offer a full understanding of the crisis and its impact.


Bringing everything together, “Painkiller” is a gripping series on Netflix that blends stories of money, power, and the tough opioid crisis. With Matthew Broderick playing Richard Sackler, the show explores how choices can bring both luxury and trouble. The series also talks about a company called Purdue Pharma and real stories about addiction.

Broderick’s acting makes us feel for his character, showing that even rich people can struggle. With a vast cast and authenticity, “Painkiller” offers both enjoyment and introspection. It debuts on August 10 on Netflix, going beyond mere entertainment to provoke contemplation about our choices and instill hope.

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