Netflix Password Sharing Restricted for Sky, Virgin, and BT Users

Netflix has been issuing warnings about the password sharing crackdown for several months, and it officially commenced in the United States on Tuesday, May 23rd.

Netflix users who access the streaming platform through their TV provider, such as Sky, Virgin, or BT, will no longer be able to share their account with non-household members. This means that even family members living separately will be impacted by the infamous password crackdown. To continue sharing their account outside of their home, users will need to pay an additional £4.99/$7.99 per month per member.

Sky Virgin, BT

Netflix has been warning about these changes for months and recently sent emails to its users in the UK and Ireland, officially implementing the new rules. The email emphasized that Netflix accounts are strictly for household members only. While users who are involved in password sharing may not be immediately kicked off the account they use. They will eventually face removal if they haven’t connected to the primary account owner’s Wi-Fi in 31 days.

The alternative for additional members is to create their own account and password. With the limitation of streaming on only one device at a time. Unfortunately, subscribers who access Netflix through a third-party TV provider or bundled service cannot currently avail themselves of the extra member option. As the billing process goes through the TV provider, Netflix is unable to offer this feature. However, affected customers do have the option to transfer their profile to their own paid account.

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