How Millie Bobby Brown’s Relationship Led Bon Jovi to Discover ‘Stranger Things’

Millie Bobby Brown’s rise to stardom through her role in Stranger Things is undeniable. However, what’s surprising is that one person, none other than Jon Bon Jovi, was oblivious to the show’s existence until his son, Jake Bongiovi, entered a relationship with Brown.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Bon Jovi admitted his initial lack of awareness about the hit series, attributing his introduction to Stranger Things to his son’s romantic involvement with Brown. Despite this revelation, Bon Jovi expressed pride in Brown’s work ethic and natural talent, acknowledging her as a quintessential movie star.

While discussing his son’s relationship and the prospect of marriage, Bon Jovi extended his unwavering support, emphasizing the belief that both families will “grow together.” He described Brown and his son as “good kids,” suggesting confidence in their ability to navigate their relationship.

Stranger Things

In a light-hearted moment, Bon Jovi joked about Brown sparing him singing duties on the wedding night, showcasing his humor and genuine affection for the couple.

Despite his initial ignorance about Stranger Things, Bon Jovi’s candid remarks, humility, and support for his son and future daughter-in-law overshadowed any surprise. With Brown’s relationship serving as the catalyst for Bon Jovi’s discovery of the Upside Down world, it’s evident that love knows no bounds, not even across generations or fictional dimensions.

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