HBO Max sees significant churn by the third quarter of 2022

HBO Max faced significant churn by the third quarter of 2022.

HBO Max, a major streaming platform experienced a decrease in churn. Warner Bros. Discovery’s primary platform saw a decline in churn from nine percent to six percent. According to Antenna’s research, every major streaming platform saw an upward trend the prior year.

Netflix leading the industry with low churn saw the churn rate increase from 1 to 3.5 from 2019 to 2022. The churn of Netflix is easy to tie but the HBO max’s churn is a bit difficult to decipher. HBO Max exactly did not have a successful 2022. After the merger that joined the Warner Bros holdings with Discovery, the product started the year with 77 million global customers; as of the third quarter, HBO Max and Discovery+ had just under 95 million subscribers combined. Disney, on the other hand, was adding an average of 10+ million customers per quarter.


HBO Max came up with a strategy to solve the churn issues and excel beyond HBO. Netflix also follows this practice. HBO Max made sure there was plenty to do as viewers waited for new episodes, unlike Disney+, which depends on a Star Wars or Marvel show to draw in older viewers. More than any other service, HBO Max mastered the art of launching compelling weekly shows and brand-new movie debuts backed by an adequate amount of fresh content and fan favourites to keep viewers interested, the flow of discovery going, and perceived value at a high level. In our post-binge society, it was the ideal cadence.

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