‘Gossip Girl’ stars share their experiences from season 1

Gossip Girl’s stars Thomas Doherty, Emily Alyn Lind, and Evan Mock shares their experiences from season 1.

The showrunner of the HBO Max series Gossip Girl shares that season 2 will be more dramatic with a lot more gossip.  The characters Max (Thomas Doherty), Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind), and Aki (Evan Mock) were played in the series.

While in the interview with Collider, Lind shares, “Season 1 really set up all the characters. You got to know them pretty well. I feel like in any show, the first season can sometimes even feel a bit slower, just because you don’t know these people yet. You don’t know our characters. You don’t really know the backstory, and you don’t really care about them yet. This season, I feel like it’s different because, now that viewers know who we are, it’s easier to feel emotions when watching something happen to them.”

Thomas shared his learning and growing process of the character and said “Yeah, definitely. For me, personally, it’s really been a hugely educational, eye-opening process, playing Max. My awareness has definitely been greatly expanded with exposure to all different types of communities and preferences and identities that are within Max, and also surrounding him. Jumping into the triad with these two lovely humans, personally, it’s been such a pleasure to work with people that are so easy and that I just get on with naturally, and can be honest and open with. As a result, I feel like that leads to what you see on screen.”

Mock talking about the fun they had on the sets of Gossip Girl, shared, “It’s funny, obviously, they edit it to where it looks like a party scene, but it’s completely silent, and we’re having a conversation where we could be whispering, and we’d hear each other. But then, they make it sound like we’re actually at a party, and there are loud noises and things going on.”

Gossip Girl

Further, he said, “That was actually a fun one to film because Aki is an innocent, soft-hearted guy who always means well. He just wanted to make sure everyone was happy, and it finally came out that he had good intentions.”

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