Best Fishing Shows On Disney Plus Ever Made

Want to brush up on your fishing skills? These Disney Plus shows feature the most amazing fishing skills, underwater life, and the wonders of the ocean. 

Scroll down for some of the best fishing shows on Disney Plus. 

Wicked Tuna 

American reality show Wicked Tuna follows Gloucester, Massachusetts-based tuna fisherman. They go bluefin tuna fishing in the North Atlantic Ocean. Teams of fisherman compete on the show to see whose ability to capture the most fish will yield the highest profit. There are 11 seasons in all for Wicked Tuna, with the most recent one having ended in July 2022.

But these fishermen aren’t just after any tiny fish. They are looking for the highly profitable Atlantic bluefin tuna fish, which may weigh more than 500 pounds each, in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Commercial fishermen cast their baits into the wide ocean by hand in search of bluefin tuna. If they’re fortunate, they can wrestle a large one out of the waters, which could be really valuable.

If you like Wicked Tuna, you might also like its spin-off, Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks, which was filmed on the North Carolina Outer Banks and featured several of the original show’s fishing boats.

Release date: August 17, 2014

Cast: Rob Naughton, Tyler Mclaughlin, Timothy James Ott

Genre: Reality Tv

Shooting Place: North Carolina

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10 

Dolphin Reef 

One of Disneynature’s newest films is also one of its greatest. The localized version of a Disney film from 2018—Blue—that was first shown in France (under the title Dolphin Reef) debuted on Disney+ last week. With Natalie Portman as the narrator, it centers on a tropical reef and all of its peculiar residents, such as a cranky mantis shrimp, a school of hump-headed parrot fishes, and, of course, a pod of dolphins, headed by the baby Echo and his harried mother Kumu. Astonishing underwater photography is expertly complemented by Portman’s dignified and enthusiastic narrative. Even when she describes how parrot fish eat decaying coral and afterwards poop out sand, she nevertheless manages to seem dignified.

It’s even nicer when she performs a “voice” as one of the sea creatures; there’s a chance she may be nominated for an Oscar for her parts as a snobbish shrimp.) Dolphin Reef avoids any discussion of pollution or human effects on the reef in favor of an apolitical blend of education and enjoyment. It alternates between being serene (as the camera glides around the reef) and exciting (as a pod of orcas hunt a juvenile humpback whale). It resembles the old Living Seas pavilion at EPCOT Center in a major motion picture.

Release date: March 28, 2018

Directors: Keith Scholey, Alastair Fothergill

Writers: Keith Scholey, David Fowler

Cast: Natalie Portman

Genre: Documentary, Family

Shooting Place: French Polynesia, Hawaii, and Florida

IMDb: 7.4/10

Earth Live 

This lengthy National Geographic special is based on an unusual premise: 57 “state-of-the-art cameras” are distributed to “a dream team of award-winning cinematographers” who are asked to capture what they are seeing. This “live TV safari,” which is conducted by Jane Lynch, Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, and zoologist Chris Packham, is similar to Live PD except that instead of a Tulsa cop pursuing a jittery meth addict, we cut from Fiji, where some bold underwater photojournalists are pursuing bull sharks, to San Antonio, Texas, to see a group of bats eerily emerge from a cave.

To Harar, Ethiopia, where a group of hyenas have gathering around a very brave local who is feeding them scraps (Packham refers to it as a “bat-nado,” which should give us some idea of the amount of humor we’re dealing with). (They assert that a device known as a “Mooncam” captures the animals that are active at night.) Even though Earth Live is no longer operating, some of its excitement remains in the way you hop scotch from place to place and animal to animal.

Release date: July 9, 2017

Director: Glenn Weiss

Writers: Lewis Friedman, Ann Slichter, Grant Taylor

Cast: Jane Lynch, Phil Keoghan

Genre: Documentary

Shooting Place:

IMDb: 5.2/10

Final Words

On Disney Plus there are few shows on fishing but they are worth watching. So, choose Best Fishing Shows on Disney Plus according to your interest.

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