Gil Birmingham praises his costar Kevin Costner at the Critics Choice Awards

At the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday, Gil Birmingham discussed his Yellowstone co-star Kevin Costner and described what it was like to collaborate with him on the programme, according to Fox News.

Gil said that he views Costner as a “big leader” and that he admires and respects him greatly. He continued by saying that Costner served as a mentor to everyone on the Yellowstone production.

Gil said, “Kevin is [an] extraordinary talent, he has been for his whole career and it’s not any different on our show. He’s a major leader, and we have such deep respect and appreciation for him.”


He further added, “I think he’s a mentor to everyone on our set. His vast experience and just his amazing presence, how he portrays John Dutton. We all learn something every day with him.”

Gil also discussed Yellowstone’s accomplishments “Season after season, we’ve been watching it gain a sizable fan base, and eventually we were the most watched show on cable. And we are overjoyed that our fans connected with it deeply and spread the word about it to so many of our devoted followers.”

In Yellowstone, Gil Birmingham portrayed Thomas Rainwater, the tribal chairman.

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