Disney’s Bob Iger Shifts Tone on Actors and Writers Strike

In a shift from his previous stance, Disney CEO Bob Iger has taken a more conciliatory approach to the ongoing strike involving writers and actors.

Earlier in July, Iger faced backlash for dismissing their demands as “not realistic.” However, during Disney’s quarterly earnings call, he expressed a different tone, emphasizing the company’s commitment to its relationship with the creative community.

Iger stated, “Nothing holds greater importance for this company than its connections with the creative community, which includes animators, directors, producers, actors, and writers.

I hold profound respect and gratitude for all those who drive our remarkable creative engine and industry. It is my strong hope that we can swiftly find resolutions to the issues that have divided us over the past few months. I am personally dedicated to working towards achieving this outcome.”


According to THR, this change in rhetoric comes amid Disney’s second-quarter results announcement, revealing a $512 million streaming loss for its direct-to-consumer unit encompassing Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

Additionally, the company recorded a $2.4 billion impairment charge linked to the removal of numerous films and TV shows from its streaming platforms as part of a downsizing effort. Notably, Disney+ maintains 105 million subscribers as its core offering.

Bob Iger, known for his positive rapport with talent and adeptness in media, had previously undermined this image when he made remarks during a conference that coincided with SAG-AFTRA’s strike order on July 13.

As the entertainment industry experiences a tense summer marked by heated rhetoric during the strike and earnings season, top executives have chosen to adopt a cautious tone during investor calls. They acknowledge the gravity of the situation and express a vague optimism about the potential for amicable negotiations.

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