Disney Urges Spectrum Cable Subscribers to Switch to Hulu+Live TV Amid Carriage Dispute

In a recent development, Disney has taken a strong stance in its ongoing carriage dispute with Charter’s Spectrum TV service. As a result of the dispute, 18 Disney networks and eight ABC stations have been dark on Spectrum, affecting nearly 15 million subscribers.

The outage, coinciding with the start of college football and the NFL season, has left sports fans frustrated.

In response, Disney has urged Spectrum customers to explore alternative pay-TV services like Hulu + Live TV, a platform Disney has controlled since 2019. While carriage disputes are common, it is unusual for a programmer to suggest customers switch to rival services.

However, this dispute is significant, with approximately $2.2 billion in annual fees at stake.

Disney Urges Spectrum Cable Subscribers to Switch to Hulu + Live TV Amid Carriage Dispute

As per Deadline, Disney has emphasized that consumers today have more choices than ever before for accessing programming without a cable subscription. Besides Hulu + Live TV, Disney also suggests considering alternatives like DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV, Sling, and Fubo.

The ongoing dispute has drawn attention to the changing landscape of television, with streaming services gaining prominence. It highlights the challenges faced by traditional cable providers in retaining subscribers in an era of cord-cutting.

Disney maintains that it offered Charter an extension in negotiations to keep its networks available but was declined. They express hope for further discussions to restore access to their content to Spectrum customers quickly.

The outcome of this dispute will likely influence future negotiations between content providers and cable companies as the industry adapts to evolving viewer preferences.

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