Showtime Shows: What To Watch On Showtime In 2023

Grab your popcorn and be ready to dive into a realm of non-stop entertainment with Showtime streaming! With a unique line-up of original series, blockbuster movies, and compelling documentaries, Showtime offers an unparalleled streaming experience that keeps you hooked from the first click. Whether you’re a fan of intense dramas, laugh-out-loud comedies, or thought-provoking documentaries, Showtime has something for everyone in the treasure chest of its content. Let’s have a detailed search about what to watch on Showtime in 2023.

Where to watch Showtime movies and TV shows?

What To Watch On Showtime In 2023

Showtime is an American premium TV network that merged with Paramount Media Network. With an easy-to-use interface, Showtime features titles like Yellowjackets, Billions, Dexter: New Blood, The Chi, and many other popular original series. Moreover, you can now enjoy all the Showtime titles on Paramount Plus, so if you have a Paramount Plus subscription, you are good to go for a Showtime streaming experience.

Whether at home or on the go, you can access a wide array of content through the Showtime app or the Showtime website. With just a few clicks, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of entertainment that includes critically acclaimed series, blockbuster movies, live events, sports, and more. Head onto Showtime and enjoy the free trial provided by the platform, followed by super-affordable subscription packages that you can buy according to your streaming preferences.

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Our top picks for August 2023

Let’s explore the finest choices for August with a compilation of exceptional content available to enjoy on Showtime. Keep scrolling down to see what to watch on Showtime in 2023:

Name StyleGenreIMDB Rating Release Date
The UntouchablesMovieCrime, Thriller7.8/10August 1, 2023
The Midnight Meat TrainMovieThriller6.0/10August 1, 2023
The Pink PantherMovieComedy5.7/10August 10, 2023
All Up In The BizMovieDocumentary7.8/10August 11, 2023
Sick Of MyselfMovieDrama, Horror7.1/10August 15, 2023
Catch Me If You CanMovieCrime8.1/10August 16, 2023
MercyMovieAction4.7/10August 17, 2023
SabotageMovieAction5.7/10August 19, 2023
Machete KillsMovieAction5.6/10August 23, 2023
Organ TrailMovieThriller5.0/10August 24, 2023
The RetreatMovieHorror4.9/10August 30, 2023
The Man in the Iron MaskMovieAction6.5/10August 31, 2023
BreakdownMovieCrime7.0/10August 31, 2023
Last HolidayMovieComedy6.5/10August 31, 2023
The Lovely BonesMovieFantasy6.6/10August 31, 2023
An Imperfect MurderMovieThriller2.9/10August 31, 2023
What To Watch On Showtime In 2023

Preferred choices for July 2023

An extensive library of a curated collection of captivating content stands ready to capture your attention in July. Keep reading below as we list down about what to watch on Showtime in 2023, in July:

Name StyleGenreIMDB Rating Release Date
A Fish Called WandaMovieComedy7.5/10July 1, 2023
AftersunMovieDrama7.7/10July 1, 2023
American BeautyMovieDrama8.3/10July 1, 2023
Better Watch OutMovieHorror6.5/10July 1, 2023
Black RockMovieHorror4.8/10July 1, 2023
CoffyMovieThriller6.8/10July 1, 2023
Cost of a SoulMovieCrime5.2/10July 1, 2023
Drop ZoneMovieAdventure5.6/10July 1, 2023
Easy RiderMovieAdventure7.3/10July 1, 2023
HostageMovieCrime-Action6.5/10July 1, 2023
Foxy BrownMovieCrime-thriller6.5/10July 1, 2023
New Jack CityMovieAction6.6/10July 1, 2023
Brick MansionsMovieCrime5.6/10July 7, 2023
Emily Movie Drama6.8/10July 10, 2023
It FollowsMovieHorror6.8/10July 12, 2023

What’s the wrap?

Now that you’re fully aware of what to watch on Showtime in 2023, leap into a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Subscribe to Showtime today and open up a world of endless viewing experiences that will keep you entertained, engaged, and coming back for more. An incredible cinematic experience awaits you, with top-notch content wherever and whenever you choose! Happy streaming!

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