Behind the Curtain: Get Ready for Shocking Claim To Fame Season 2 Spoilers

Grab your munchies and get ready to witness the most exciting journeys of ambition, laughter, resilience, and achievements, as the participants of the Claim to Fame battle for the pursuit of excellence. Claim to Fame, an enthralling reality TV series on Hulu, will surely make you jump off your couch with some thrilling moments of those seeking to build their own identities.

So keep reading along, as we provide detailed insights about Claim to Fame along with Claim to Fame Season 2 spoilers.

Where to watch Claim to Fame Season 2?

Claim to Fame Season 2 premiered on Monday, June 26, 2023, giving us a total of 10 exciting episodes. 7 episodes have been released up till now, with the remaining 3 episodes to be released on the upcoming dates of August 14, August 21, and August 28. If you want to binge on these happening episodes, head on to the Hulu platform and check out subscription packages to enjoy this show. Moreover, the show is also available to watch on ABC.

What is the Claim to Fame show all about?

In the Claim to Fame TV series, 12 lesser-known relatives of celebrities take part in the challenging fame game. They will try hard to keep their real identities a secret and also guess who the others are. The show is hosted by the famous Kevin and Franklin Jonas. It is based on a game where they do tasks to get hints about each other’s real identities. They need to help each other to solve the hints and stay safe. Even Kevin and Franklin don’t know who the contestants are until the end of the season.

claim to fame season 2

At the end of each show, the players vote secretly for the two contestants who didn’t do as well. One of these two is chosen as the “guesser.” This guesser picks another player who can’t avoid being picked. They guess which famous person they think that player is related to. If the guess is right, the other player leaves. If the guess is wrong, the guesser leaves. The last player left wins $100,000.

Who was the winner of Claim to Fame Season 1?

Contestant L.C. from Claim to Fame Season 1 won the game and took home the grand prize of $100,000. The contestant was revealed to be Keke Palmer’s older sister,  Loreal Chanel Palmer. Runner-ups in the competition were Logan, who came second (related to Jason Aldean), and Pepper, who got third place (Dean Martin’s granddaughter).

claim to fame season 2

Other people in the show were Lark (Cindy Crawford’s niece), Louise (Simone Biles’ younger sister Adria), Amara (Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter), Kai (Tiffany Haddish’s half-sister Jasmine English), Dominique (Al Sharpton’s daughter), Brittany (Brett Favre’s daughter), X (Laverne Cox’s twin brother M Lamar), Michael (Zendaya’s cousin Cubb Coleman), and Maxwell (Chuck Norris’ grandson).

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Claim to Fame Season 2 cast and spoilers

12 new contestants fight in this battle to keep the identities of their celebrity relatives a secret. The show is again hosted by Kevin Jonas and Franklin Jonas. Each contestant has to tell two truths and one lie about their relative, and the answers are formatted according to their hints. Moreover, the contestants don’t use their real names, instead use entirely different names or tell the initials.

Keep scrolling below to find out the contestants’ famous relatives and our theories for who the other celebrity names could be

1. Carly (First Eliminated)

Carly talked about her famous family member, her uncle, who won an Oscar. We thought she might not be telling the truth about him being a musician. We guessed that he could be an Oscar-winning actor, like Tom Hanks or Dustin Hoffman. It turned out we were right!

claim to fame season 2

Her uncle is Tom Hanks through marriage. Carly’s mom is Rita Wilson’s sister, and Rita Wilson is Tom Hanks’ wife. Carly wanted to stay on the show for more than one episode. But after Hugo (below) made her leave, she left the set crying and upset. She was talking loudly about a clue that looked like Forrest Gump’s bench.

2. Travis (Second Eliminated)

Travis said his famous relative is his dad, an actor who won a Critics Choice Award. We didn’t believe his dad was famous, guessing it might be his cousin or uncle instead. We thought Mahershala Ali and Tyler James Williams could be options. In Episode 2, Gabriel correctly guessed that Travis’ dad was Neil deGrasse Tyson. Travis and Jane tried to figure out Shayne’s identity, with Jane thinking Shayne was Eddie Murphy’s daughter, which we had guessed before.

claim to fame season 2

3. Jane (Third Eliminated)

Jane said her dad won a Grammy, and we thought she might be Dolly Parton’s niece, pretending about her famous family. Our guess turned out right! In Episode 3, Jane, Monday, and Shayne worked on a puzzling clue with hints like “puppy love” and “Russian,” which worried Jane and Chris. Jane thought a clue related to Tennessee was meant for her or Chris. She thought “Puppy Love” connected to Dolly Parton’s first song on the charts. Jane guessed Chris was linked to Elvis Presley, but she was wrong and got eliminated. Her real name’s Jada Star, named by Aunt Dolly, who appeared in a video when Jada left the show.

claim to fame season 2

4. Shayne (Fourth Eliminated)

Shayne claimed her dad, a Grammy-winning musician, is famous. We thought she might be Eddie Murphy’s daughter, who has Grammy awards, or Janet Jackson, possibly lying about her parents. And we were right: Shayne is indeed Murphy’s daughter. Last week, Jane guessed this, and others on the show agreed. In Episode 3, Shayne stays quiet to hide her identity, but her friend Cole figures out clues linking to SNL and a movie, revealing her secret. The players were surprised by Cole’s discovery. Will he be in trouble next?

claim to fame season 2

5. Cole (Fifth Eliminated)

Cole claimed his famous family member is his dad, a Grammy-winning musician. We thought he might be Alicia Keys’ brother, and we were right. Shayne got back at Cole by leaving a note with a clue about him in the July 24 episode. Karsyn used that clue to correctly guess Cole’s famous relative and he got eliminated.

claim to fame season 2

6. Olivia (Sixth Eliminated)

Olivia said her brother is a famous TV person with a Razzie Award. We thought maybe her brother was David Muir or Chris Harrison. But, Olivia’s co-stars guessed wrong too, thinking she was related to Carrot Top. In the end, Olivia’s aunt is Jenny McCarthy, and her claim to fame is shown when she guessed wrong about Karsyn being connected to Jeff Gordon.

claim to fame season 2

7. Gabriel

Gabriel claims his famous relative is his brother, an athlete with an NAACP Award. We think he might be lying about the athlete part. Maybe it’s Nick Cannon, who has won NAACP awards. Gabriel hints that his brother is a football player and mentions he buys matching jewelry for multiple girlfriends who are friends. This could be linked to Cannon’s situation with several children’s mothers. If our theory is right, there might be a clue about Gabriel and Olivia’s relatives, both on Masked Singer, where Nick hosts and McCarthy is a judge.

claim to fame season 2

8. Monday

Monday claims her dad is an Emmy-winning athlete, but we think it might be J.B. Smoove, who has an Emmy but is not an athlete. In Episode 6, clues make us more certain. Gabriel now has Monay’s clue, saying her relative is linked to Saturday Night Live and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Smoove was part of SNL and Curb’s cast. How much time will it take to solve her clue?

claim to fame season 2

9. Chris

Chris says his famous family member is his musician uncle with a Walk of Fame star. We thought it might be John Mayer or Donny Osmond’s son, but Mayer doesn’t have the star. Episode 3 made us more certain about Osmond. Chris guessed right about Jane’s link to Parton. In Episode 6, we still believe Chris is Osmond’s son as his clue matches Donny’s teen star time in the 1970s.

claim to fame season 2

10. Karsyn

Karsyn says her famous uncle is a musician in the Hall of Fame, but she doesn’t say which one. Maybe she’s related to Blake Shelton? After staying quiet in the beginning, players started to focus on Karsyn in Episode 3. In Episode 6, Olivia guessed Karsyn’s relative was Jeff Gordon, but that was wrong. We think she’s related to a NASCAR driver, maybe Dale Earnhardt or Dale Earnhardt Jr. The question is, which one did she say?

claim to fame season 2

11. Hugo

Hugo claims his famous grandparent is a Nobel Prize-winning athlete, which we doubt is true. We thought he might be related to Al Gore or Jimmy Carter. Jane had strong ideas before she left, guessing Hugo’s connection to Carter, but his age seemed off. In Episode 6, the cast began to see through his clues. The hint “a commander in chief who farmed nuts” sounds like Carter to us!

claim to fame season 2

12. JR

JR says his brother is a musician with an NBA Championship ring, which seems strange. We think he might be connected to Dwyane Wade. Others in the cast think he’s related to Da Baby, but JR denies it. In Episode 6, our feeling that he’s linked to Wade grew stronger, and some contestants started to consider that possibility.

claim to fame season 2

The End!

Gear up to dive into the ultimate madness of dramatic and intriguing season 2 of Claim to Fame, where the contestants encounter unexpected paths, that propel them from the ordinary to extraordinary. It’s the perfect show for your summer holidays with much fun and creativity. Claim to Fame, with its unique format, undoubtedly stands out in all the other reality TV shows, which are equally mysterious and entertaining to watch! Happy streaming!

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