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No representatives from these countries were invited in Queen Funeral

The 2,000 attendees of the Queen funeral service at Westminster Abbey included kings and queens, presidents, prime ministers, celebrities, and friends from all around the world.

There where still some authorities from the globe who were not welcomed by The Royal Family at the final goodbye to the Queen funeral at Westminster Abbey.

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According to BBC, no representatives from Syria, Venezuela, or Afghanistan have been invited. This is because the UK and these nations do not have full diplomatic relations.

Additionally, no one from Myanmar, Belarus, or Russia has been invited.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, diplomatic ties between the UK and Russia have all but vanished. A representative for Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was “not considering” going to the funeral.

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A portion of the assault was started on Belarusian soil. Since a military coup in Myanmar last year, the UK’s diplomatic activities there have been considerably reduced as well. Only ambassadors, not heads of state, are permitted to represent North Korea (DPRK) and Nicaragua.

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