Queen Elizabeth II funeral begins at Westminster Abbey

The funeral service for Queen Elizabeth II is currently taking place in Westminster Abbey, the location of her wedding and coronation. The new King Charles III led the procession walking behind his late mother’s coffin this mornings. It was brought from Westminster Hall to the nearby Abbey for her funeral service.

The Royal Navy sailors pulled her casket to the chapel on a gun carriage while the coffin was draped in flags and adorned with the Imperial State Crown. The former prime ministers of the Queen, as well as US President Biden and French President Macron, are among the hundreds of guests present.

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People are assembling to see a procession after the funeral in the streets surrounding Buckingham Palace, where there is a somber atmosphere. The Queen’s coffin will make its final trip through London before proceeding to Windsor Castle for a second service.

The Queen has been laying in state for the past five days, and thousands of mourners have lined up to pay their respects. At 6.30 this morning, the final mourner passed the Queen’s catafalque.

The procession, which included thousands of military troop started at 11 am. It took exactly 16 minutes.

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