Anne Hathaway and Black Panther Director to Work in Netflix Movie

The Oscar-winning actress, Anne Hathaway will collaborate with Ryan Coogler, best known for his acclaimed work in Black Panther, in a sci-fi epic and Netflix original movie Eclipse Convergence.

In the film, Hathaway will play Captain Nia Williams, the commander of humanity’s first manned trip to Mars. During their trip, Captain Nia and her crew witness a unique cosmic occurrence that bestows them with special abilities. Williams and her coworkers must confront not just their new talents, but also the responsibilities that come with them.

While Eclipse Convergence is not a DC or Marvel film, its idea is similar to a few comic book and comic-inspired franchises, most notably the Fantastic Four. In the source material and most adaptations, the members gain their powers after being bombarded by cosmic rays while travelling across space.


While Black Panther: Wakanda Forever smashed all the charts at the box office, many fans wondered if the director will return to MCU. Coogler is now co-producing Ironheart for Disney+, he is also working on a Wakanda-themed series for the streaming service.

There are no production details and release date announced, and anything concrete will certainly have to wait until after the current writers’ and actors’ strike is over.

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