Adan Canto’s Character Fate Revealed in ‘The Cleaning Lady’ Following Actor’s Passing

In a heart-wrenching turn of events on tonight’s episode of ‘The Cleaning Lady‘ Season 3, the fate of Adan Canto’s character has been unveiled.

Tragically, Canto, who portrayed Arman Morales on the Fox series, passed away earlier this year after battling appendiceal cancer privately. Due to his declining health, he was unable to participate in filming any scenes for the ongoing third season, which commenced production in December 2023.

Arman’s absence had been noticeable since the commencement of Season 3, following a shootout that left his character’s whereabouts unknown. Throughout the episodes, Thiny and Nadia relentlessly searched for him, while his captors plotted his return after striking a deal.

The Cleaning Lady

In a gripping sequence, Nadia and Dante confronted the captors at a desert location designated for Arman’s handover. However, shocking revelations surfaced when Thony discovered Dante’s complicity in Arman’s abduction.

As Thony and Fiona embarked on a desperate mission to rescue Arman, a tense confrontation ensued. A pivotal moment unfolded when Arman valiantly intervened to shield Thony from harm, resulting in a fatal shot being fired.

The episode concluded with a poignant tribute to Canto, featuring a title card that solemnly declared, “In Loving Memory — Adan Canto.” It was accompanied by poignant scenes from Season 1, capturing tender moments between Thony and Arman, including a poignant dance and kiss.

As ‘The Cleaning Lady‘ honors the memory of Canto, viewers are left deeply moved by the emotional resonance of his character’s journey.

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