60 Minutes Producer Fired for Bullying Sues CBS

Workplace at CBS is filled with sexism and misogyny, producer Alexandra Poolos lawsuit stated.

Poolos, a producer, has filed a lawsuit against CBS, which have high grossing shows as Big Brother. Claiming that the company unfairly fired her and violated her civil rights. Accused of bullying an associate producer she supervised. The argument continued by Poolos saying that termination was handled differently from male producers and editors facing harassment complaints.

Poolos complaints include the chairman Leslie Moonves, ex-network anchor Charlie Rose, and former 60 Minutes executive producer Don Hewitt. She was let go without severance after being accused of harassment. Columbia Broadcasting System claimed she discussed the complaints and was not truthful.

Alexandra Poolos

“Poolos is not aware of CBS firing male 60 Minutes employees based on a single complaint from a subordinate about behavior that was not alleged to constitute unlawful discrimination or retaliation,” states the complaint.

“In contrast with its harsh treatment of Poolos, CBS has declined to take any meaningful disciplinary action in response to serious allegations of misconduct against male employees.” She says that the network initiated a “bogus investigation,” failing to adhere to nondiscrimination policies that require CBS to include review of all evidence collected.

“Despite the many complaints about his abusive behavior from CBS employees, particularly women and people of color, Khemlani has faced no meaningful consequences for his abusive behavior and remains associated with the network” the complaint states.

In her lawsuit, Poolos alleges gender discrimination. The Network has not commented due to pending litigation states the hollywood reporter.

It’s important to note that CBS reached a settlement with former chairman Leslie Moonves over allegations of misconduct and concealing sexual assault claims.

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