Karl’s Kreation: Karl Urban Movies And TV Shows

In the world of cinematic prowess, one of the few names that possess dynamic versatility and commanding presence is Karl Urban. From the futuristic landscapes of science fiction to the historical tapestries of epic dramas, Urban’s on-screen charisma and dedication to his craft have solidified his status as a true cinematic chameleon. He effortlessly brings characters to life in captivating TV shows and movies you can access on streaming giants like Netflix, Paramount Plus, Amazon Prime, and others. Gear up to learn more about Karl Urban movies and TV shows.

Where to watch Karl Urban movies and TV shows?

You can now easily access the cinematic brilliance of Karl Urban through various online platforms such as Netflix, Paramount Plus, and more. From his early breakthrough roles to his latest captivating performances, a treasure trove of Karl Urban’s movies and TV shows awaits you on these significant streaming platforms.

Whether it’s the gritty urban drama of The Boys, the thrilling sci-fi of Star Trek, or any of his other fantastic works, these platforms offer a convenient gateway to explore his diverse filmography. Immerse yourself in the intensity of his characters and the depth of his acting prowess, all at your own pace and convenience.

Karl Urban’s Career

Karl Urban movies and TV shows

An impressive array of roles in movies and TV shows has marked Karl Urban’s journey in Hollywood. He graced the screen in prominent films like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Trek, Doom, and Thor: Ragnarok. Urban’s performance as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the Star Trek reboot was particularly cherished by fans. He also embraced the role of lawman Judge Dredd in Dredd, a cult favorite.

Urban’s versatile talents extended to TV, where he starred in Almost Human and gained widespread acclaim for his portrayal of Billy Butcher in the Amazon Prime hit series The Boys. With a dynamic presence and a range of compelling characters, Urban continues to captivate audiences with his on-screen prowess.


Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Action, Crime, Sci-fiKarl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena HeadyPete TravisJohannesburg, South AfricaSeptember 7, 20121h 35m7.4/10

In a post-apocalyptic America, Mega City One is a lawless urban expanse ruled by criminals. Judges, empowered to deliver instant justice, aim to restore order. Dredd, the toughest Judge, teams up with psychic rookie Cassandra to tackle a deadly drug epidemic. When they confront a ruthless drug lord controlling a dangerous slum, a brutal battle for survival ensues.

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The Boys

Genre StarsCreatorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Action, Comedy, CrimeKarl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony StarrEric KripkeHamilton, Ontario, CanadaJuly 26, 20191h Episodes8.7/10

The Boys takes place in a world where superheroes are famous and controlled by a big company called Vought International. These heroes are not as good as they seem – they are often selfish and dishonest. The story mainly focuses on two groups: the Boys, who want to keep the flawed heroes in check, and the Seven, a group of popular superheroes owned by Vought. The Boys, led by Billy Butcher, are against all superpowered people, while the Seven, led by the proud Homelander, work for Vought. It follows the conflict between these groups and introduces new members like Hughie from the Boys and Annie/Starlight from the Seven.

Star Trek

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Action, Adventure, Sci-fiChris Pine, Karl Urban, Simon PeggJ.J. AbramsLos Angeles, California, USAMay 8, 20092h 7m7.9/10

James T. Kirk’s father dies defending against a Romulan ship on his birth day. Spock grows up facing prejudice due to his mixed heritage. Years later, Kirk is a rebellious young man. Captain Pike challenges him to join Starfleet, leading to conflicts with Spock. When an emergency happens on Vulcan, the USS Enterprise crew, including Kirk, sets out on an adventure that changes their destinies.

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Thor: Ragnarok

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Action, Adventure, ComedyTom Hiddleston, Karl Urban, Chris HemsworthTaika WaititiQueensland, AustraliaOctober 24, 20172h 10m7.9/10

Thor gets trapped in a distant part of the universe and is forced into a dangerous fight against his old ally, The Incredible Hulk. To save his home and people, he must stop the powerful Hela from causing destruction.


Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Action, Horror, Sci-fiKarl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Dwayne JohnsonAndrzej BartkowiakPrague, Czech RepublicDecember 2, 20051h 45m5.2/10

Trouble has struck a secluded research station on Mars. All work has halted, communication is lost, and the few messages are unsettling. The situation is so severe that it’s under a level 5 quarantine. The only ones allowed in or out are heavily armed Marines prepared for any threat. However, they might not be as prepared as they believe.


Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Action, Adventure, Sci-fiVin Diesel, Karl Urban, Katee SackhoffDavid TwohyMontreal, Quebec, CanadaSeptember 4, 20131h 59m6.4/10

Abandoned on a barren planet, Riddick battles deadly creatures and fights for survival. To escape, he triggers an emergency signal that draws ruthless mercenaries seeking his capture. As the clock ticks and danger looms, Riddick must outwit his hunters or face a deadly fate.

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The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Action, Adventure, DramaElijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Karl UrbanPeter JacksonWaikato, New ZealandDecember 17, 20033h 21m9.0/10

In the climactic showdown to determine the destiny of Middle-earth, Frodo and Sam venture into the treacherous heart of Mordor. They are determined to obliterate the One Ring. Simultaneously, Aragorn commands a courageous army in a heroic stand against Sauron’s evil forces. They also stag their defense at the majestic stone city of Minas Tirith.

The Bourne Supremacy

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Action, Mystery, ThrillerMatt Damon, Franka Potente, Karl UrbanPaul GreengrassGoa, IndiaAugust 13, 20041h 48m7.7/10

After two years of escaping his former life, Jason Bourne is suddenly confronted by his past. This happens when the CIA threatens to disrupt his newfound anonymity. Living in the shadows with Marie, they elude danger by staying on the move. Driven by fragmented memories and haunted by his enigmatic history, Bourne strives to outrun the looming threat. This could undoubtedly shatter the peace he desperately seeks.

Ghost Ship

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Horror, Mystery, ThrillerJulianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, Karl UrbanSteve BeckQueensland, AustraliaJanuary 24, 20031h 31m5.6/10

Upon stumbling upon a long-lost passenger ship drifting in the Bering Sea, salvagers take possession of the vessel. As they attempt to tow it to safety, a string of strange events ensues, leading them to be trapped inside. They soon realize the ship is home to an evil entity, plunging them into a battle against a demonic presence.

Final thoughts!

Karl Urban’s journey through the entertainment world is a tapestry woven with remarkable versatility and skill. From iconic franchises to unique gems, Urban’s on-screen magnetism and range are undeniable. His work is a testament to his exceptional talent, whether he’s captivating you with intense action or drawing you into complex characters. Don’t miss the chance to experience Karl Urban’s movies and TV shows online and be captivated by his cinematic prowess.

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