Carson’s Career: Sofia Carson Movies And TV Shows

Sofia Carson, an emerging American sensation, has illuminated the screen with her vibrant performances. Originally making her mark as a beloved figure in Disney Channel’s “Descendants” series, Carson has demonstrated her undeniable charisma and extraordinary skills, captivating audiences globally. Her captivating performance in the Netflix film “Feel the Beat” highlighted her versatility as an actress. Sofia Carson’s journey and dedication to her craft promise a future filled with even more dazzling accomplishments. Let us go through Sofia Carson movies and TV shows, available online for an uninterrupted binge!

Where to watch Sofia Carson movies and TV shows?

Sofia Carson Movies And TV Shows

Sofia Carson’s on-screen charisma and captivating performances are available for viewers on various streaming platforms. Fans can immerse themselves in her enchanting portrayal as Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen, in Disney’s “Descendants” series, available to stream on Disney+. Additionally, her starring roles in the heartfelt Netflix film “Feel the Beat” and “Purple Hearts” showcases her talent for both acting and dancing.

Carson’s Career: A Dive into Her Journey!

Sofia Carson is an American actress and singer who first appeared on TV as a guest star in Austin & Ally, a Disney Channel series. In 2015, Sofia Carson gained acknowledgment for portraying Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen, in Disney’s musical fantasy film “Descendants.” Her success led her to reprise this role in subsequent sequels. Demonstrating her versatility, she later took on a leading role in the Netflix romantic drama “Purple Hearts,” released in 2022. Stick with us as we provide more details on Sofia Carson movies and TV shows available online.

Purple Hearts (2022)

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Drama, Music, RomanceSofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine, Chosen JacobsElizabeth Allen RosenbaumSanta Clarita, California, USAJuly 29, 20222h 2min6.7/10

Cassie Salazar and Luke Morrow are two very different individuals. Cassie works at a bar in Oceanside, CA, at night and wants to be a singer. Luke is training to be a Marine and is about to start his duty. They meet by chance at the bar, and this meeting changes their lives. Cassie has a lot of medical bills because she has diabetes.

Descendants 3 (2019)

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Action, Adventure, DramaDove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, Sofia CarsonKenny OrtegaVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaOctober 11, 20191h 46m6.4/10

In this Disney story, the young people who are the children of famous villains come back to the Isle of the Lost. They plan to find new kids of villains and invite them to attend Auradon Prep school with them.

Descendants 3

Feel the Beat (2020)

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Comedy, Drama, FamilySofia Carson, Pamela MacDonald, Sonia LaplanteElissa DownToronto, Ontario, CanadaJune 19, 20201h 49m6.3/10

Having faced disappointment in her attempt at Broadway, April returns to her hometown with mixed feelings. Eventually, she is convinced to take on the role of training a group of unconventional young dancers for a significant upcoming competition.

A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits (2016)

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Family, Fantasy, MusicalSofia Carson, Jennifer Tilly, Thomas LawMichelle JohnstonSouth AfricaJanuary 25, 20171h 32m5.6/10

The story revolves around Tessa, a young and talented aspiring singer and dancer. She works at her father’s garage and is a personal assistant to her demanding stepmother. Unfortunately, her stepmother is fame-hungry and controlling. Tessa’s stepsisters get to audition for a live recorded musical version of Cinderella, directed by and starring pop star Reed West, at the Royal Lagoon Resort. The lead role of Cinderella will secure a contract with Reed’s record label, leading Tessa to transform herself into Bella Snow, a British pop star, with the help of a fairy godmother-like makeup artist. Tessa takes on the challenge of portraying herself, Bella, and Cinderella simultaneously.

Adventures in Babysitting (2016)

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Adventure, Comedy, FamilySabrina Carpenter, Sofia Carson, Nikki HahnJohn SchultzVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaJune 30, 20161h 45m5.9/10

In this story, two teenage babysitters, Jenny and Lola, who have competed with each other, join forces. Their mission is to track down a child under their care who has unintentionally ventured into the bustling city without adult supervision.

adventures in babysitting

Tini: The New Life of Violetta (2016)

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Adventure, Family, MusicTini Stoessel, Jorge Blanco, Sofia CarsonRamon SalazarSicily, ItalyMay 6, 20161h 39m5.3/10

Like her real life, Tini Stoessel (“Tini”) leaves behind her role in Violetta. She goes to the peaceful countryside in Italy for a long summer. During this time, she changes as a person and becomes a new artist.

new life of violetta imdb

Songbird (2020)

Genre StarsDirectorShooting PlaceRelease Date Runtime IMDB Rating
Drama, Sci-Fi, ThrillerK.J. Apa, Sofia Carson, Craig RobinsonAdam MasonLos Angeles, California, USADecember 11, 20201h 24m4.8/10

By 2024, LA has endured a lockdown for over four years due to a mutated strain of COVID-19, known as COVID-23, which poses severe health risks. Few individuals, immune to the virus, are permitted outdoors. Nico, a bicycle courier, is among them.

Although he frequently navigates deserted streets, there are checkpoints where he must prove his health status. His immunity draws envy since most are confined indoors, including his girlfriend, with whom he can only communicate via phone. The authorities relocate those at risk or already infected to specific areas called quarantine zones, which are perceived as almost terminal zones.

song bird youtube

Wrapping up!

Looking for touching narratives or melodious magic? Dive into Sofia Carson’s filmography for an array of captivating tales and music. She infuses every character with a distinct charm and profoundness that resonates with viewers young and old. So, prepare your favorite snack and invite some pals for a memorable viewing marathon!

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