How To Watch ‘Sky Coppers’ In Canada On Channel 4 for FREE

Unveiling the West Midlands Police Drone Unit — an exceptional force leveraging drones to detect and apprehend criminals. These airborne devices, renowned for their photographic prowess, have taken on a whole new dimension, emerging as a paramount advancement in the pursuit of wrongdoers concealed in forests, evading capture at crime scenes, and more. Prepare to be captivated by Sky Coppers, an engrossing documentary series available to watch in Canada and delve into the thrilling realm of the West Midlands Police Drone Unit. Broadcasting its premiere on July 11, 2023, on Channel 4, this compelling series is now accessible for free. Witness the team’s exploits as they employ drones to trail criminals, locate missing persons, and rapidly respond to emergencies, offering a fascinating insight into the safety measures enabled by this groundbreaking technology.

Quick Steps: How to watch Sky Coppers in Canada for free

Follow these simple steps to watch Sky Coppers

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to Channel 4

  5. Watch Sky Coppers on Channel 4

Save the date: The release date for Sky Coppers has been announced!

Premiered on Channel 4 in the UK on July 11, 2023, Sky Coppers has taken the television world by storm. With its enthralling storyline spanning six captivating one-hour episodes, this must-watch series is readily available at no cost on All 4, catering to viewers within the UK. To enjoy Sky Coppers outside the UK, individuals can employ a VPN to secure a UK IP address, granting them unrestricted access to the show on All 4. Fans worldwide can anticipate the imminent release of the series in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Catch a glimpse: Check out the trailer for Sky Coppers

Get a bird’s-eye view of law enforcement in action with Sky Coppers, a new documentary series that follows the West Midlands Police Drone Unit. In this preview, you’ll see how drones are being used to solve crimes, save lives, and keep communities safe. It’s an eye-opening look at the future of policing, and it’s sure to leave you wanting more.

Where can I watch Sky Coppers online in Canada for free?

You can catch Sky Coppers without any charge on Channel 4 and All 4 in the UK. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in Canada, simply connect to a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN to acquire a UK IP address. This will grant you access to watching Sky Coppers on All 4, giving you the feeling of being in the UK.

Official Synopsis

“Behind the scenes with the West Midlands Police Drone Unit who hunt criminals from the sky.”

Channel 4

Discover the cast of Sky Coppers

Sky Coppers features real police officers from the West Midlands Police Drone Unit who have been trained to fly drones at high speeds and altitudes. They are also experts in using drones to gather evidence, such as aerial photographs and videos. The officers are dedicated to using their skills to keep their community safe.

Cast Members
Sergeant Chris Hardy
PC Matt Barlow
PC Ben Jones
PC Dan Harris

Drones in Action: The Sky Coppers Series

Sky Coppers is a gripping documentary series that takes you into the heart of the West Midlands Police Drone Unit. This elite team uses state-of-the-art drones to track criminals from above, giving them a unique vantage point that criminals often don’t even know about.

Follow the team as they pursue suspects attempting to hide in trees, discard evidence, or escape from crime scenes. They’ll show you how drones can be used to find missing people, locate fleeing suspects, and even search for potential victims in burning buildings.

Sky Coppers is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good thriller. It’s a fascinating look at how drones are being used to keep communities safe, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

How many episodes of Sky Coppers are there?

Sky Coppers, a new 6-episode police procedural, will air on Channel 4 in the UK starting on July 11, 2023. Each episode is one hour long.

Episode NoRelease DateSummary
1July 11, 2023The West Midlands Police Drone Unit used drones to track down a drug dealer who threw cash from an upstairs window. Drone footage helped police identify and arrest the suspect.
2July 18, 2023The team is on the hunt for a dangerous criminal who has committed multiple offenses. They are asking for the public’s help in locating this individual.
3July 25, 2023T.B.A.
4August 1, 2023T.B.A.
5August 8, 2023T.B.A.
6August 15, 2023T.B.A.

What’s the plot of Sky Coppers?

Sky Coppers is a documentary series that follows the West Midlands Police Drone Unit as they investigate crimes. The team uses drones to search for missing people, track down suspects, and respond to emergencies. In the first episode, the team is called in to help find a missing child. They use their drones to search the area and eventually find the child safe and sound. In another episode, the team is tasked with tracking down a suspect who has escaped from a crime scene. The suspect is hiding in a wooded area, but the drones are able to find him and he is arrested. The series also shows the team responding to other emergencies, such as fires and natural disasters. The drones are often used to help with search and rescue operations, and they have saved many lives.

Here are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of Sky Coppers

Sky Coppers IMDbN/A
Sky Coppers Rotten TomatoesN/A

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What else to watch on Channel 4?

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How did the drone unit come about?

The West Midlands Police Drone Unit was founded in 2015, making it one of the first police forces in the UK to use drones. The unit was created in response to the growing threat of crime and terrorism, and it has since been used to investigate a wide variety of cases.

What kind of cases do the drones investigate?

The drones are used to investigate a wide variety of cases, including:
Tracking criminals who are trying to hide or escape
Finding missing people
Responding to emergencies, such as fires or floods
Surveilling crime scenes
Monitoring large events

When does Sky Coppers premiere?

Sky Coppers premiered on Channel 4 in the UK on July 11, 2023. It is also available to watch for free on All 4 in the UK.

Wrapping Up!

Sky Coppers is a fascinating and informative documentary series that takes viewers on a journey into the world of drone policing. The series follows the West Midlands Police Drone Unit as they use drones to solve crimes, track suspects, and keep communities safe. Sky Coppers is a must-watch for anyone who is interested in learning more about the use of drones in law enforcement. 

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