How To Watch ‘George Michael: Outed’ On Channel 4

Standing against the world and breaking all the stereotypes is the courageous, inspirational, and heartwarming story of legend George Michael, titled George Michael: Outed, set to release on Channel 4. All the mysteries of struggle, betrayal and love will unveil on March 7, 2023.

If you want to have a sneak peek into 90’s iconic star, George’s life then must watch George Michael: Outed on Channel 4. Don’t worry, If you are a US resident because I have a perfect solution that will enable you to enjoy this sentimental biography.

Quick Steps: How to Watch George Michael: Outed on Channel 4

Follow these simple steps to watch George Michael: Outed

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  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to Channel 4

  5. Watch George Michael: Outed on Channel 4

What is the release date of George Michael: Outed?

A story that will make your eyes teary, George Michael: Outed will be released on March 7, 2023.

How to watch George Michael: Outed’ online free in US?

The documentary will premiere exclusively on Chanel 4. If you are living in the US you will face geo-restriction, but don’t worry, I got you! Suggested VPN will be a savior, you can catch George Michael: Outed and all the other interesting shows while staying in your comfort zone.

What is George Michael: Outed about?

George Michael: Outed

George Michael: Outed, will narrate the life story of superstar George and how his arrest changes the course of History. George was arrested in 1998 for a ”lewd act” in the public restroom and was brutally exploited by tabloids. However, his arrest brings a new revolution for the LGBTQ community.

This documentary will reveal every detail about his life and how that incident changed his fate and caused the downfall of his career when it was at peak. The career-ending incident became a turning point in gay liberation.

Inspiration Behind The documentary

Michael Ogden the director shared his inspiration behind creating this documentary. In an interview with Pink News, he expressed his anger towards the for destroying an innocent’s life.

”It was really fascinating, because the language is really horrible and the way it’s written is really horrible, and it’s really judgmental,” Ogden tells PinkNews. “And it’s all because George got his d**k out in a toilet. I thought that was ridiculous.”


He also shared his views that he can’t even think of being gay in 90s because the thought itself haunts him.

 “I imagined being gay then it probably could have felt like you were at war because your very being is being questioned.”


George Michael: Outed official trailer

Who will give insights into George’s life?

The film will feature George’s long-time partner and cousin Kenny. Kenny played a significant role as he was aware of George’s highs and lows, narrating the story without Kenny is impossible because he has buried so many hidden truths in his chest, that no one has any idea about.

What are the reviews of George Michael: Outed?

”It’s also undeniable that Michael outed himself with a pretty reckless act in a public place, after years of denying his sexuality for professional and personal reasons.”


”Hardly the stuff of the scandal of the decade, but these were viciously homophobic times, as the first episode of this two-part documentary barely needs to reminds us. The tabloids were king, and outing people in the public sphere became a national blood sport.”


What are some early reactions and comments about George Michael: Outed?

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At what age did George Michael die?

He died in Oxfordshire, at the age of 54, due to heart disease.

For how Long George Michael suffered in a coma?

George Michael himself revealed that he woke up from a coma after three weeks.

On which festival George Michael died?

Beloved George Michael died on the day Jesus was born.

In which year George Michael gave his first hit?

1984 was one of the best years of Michael’s life as his song Faith was awarded the best Album of the year.


Do you remember, a man who was insensitively called Gay by the media in front of the whole world? The brutal British media never thought about the consequences of their miserable comments about George’s life. A lot of people condemn him while supporters didn’t disappoint him. If you want to know all about his struggle due to his sexuality, then must watch George Michael: Outed, a documentary that will give the world a new perspective on life.

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