How to Watch ‘Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7’ On Hulu in Canada

Dive back into the mesmerizing world of Berk as Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 takes flight! Releasing on September 14, 2023, on both Hulu, this season promises to whisk viewers away on a whirlwind of dragon-filled adventures.

However, since Hulu is an American streaming platform, you would require a VPN to watch the show in Canada. Moreover, if you are looking for more shows to watch on Hulu, do have a look at the Best Shows to Watch on Hulu in September 2023!

Quick Steps: How to Watch Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 On Hulu in Canada

Follow these simple steps to watch Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to Hulu

  5. Watch Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 on Hulu

Why Do We Need A VPN to Watch Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 On Hulu in Canada?

Are you eager to watch Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 in Canada? Don’t worry, we have a simple solution for you! To watch the show on Hulu from another country, you just need a tool called a VPN. It tricks Hulu into thinking you’re watching from the USA. How cool is that? This way, you can enjoy all the dragon fun from Canada. Get ready to meet your favourite dragon riders again with this easy trick!

Where to Stream Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 in Canada Online?

Excited to stream Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 online but not sure how to do it in Canada. Stay tuned, we have the perfect guide for you! Below, we have listed all the cool ways you can catch up on Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 right from Canada. Let’s dive in!

How to stream Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 on Hulu?

Get ready to be enthralled by the adventures waiting in Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7 streaming on Hulu from September 14, 2023! To make sure you catch every moment, set up a reliable VPN to bypass any geographical restrictions. And if you’re wondering about subscription plans, stay tuned, we’ve detailed Hulu’s plans and prices below.

Here’s a tip for you – if you’re new to Hulu, make the most of Hulu’s 30-day free trial offer to enjoy the exciting new season at zero cost. Plus, there’s no string attached; cancel Hulu’s subscription anytime if you wish to.

Streaming Platform Plan and Prices
Hulu – Basic Subscription for CA$10.82/Month (on-demand content library with ads)
– Premium Subscription for CA$20.30/Month (on-demand content with no ads, access to live TV channels)

How to stream Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 on Peacock TV?

Are you all set to dive into the adventures of Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7? If you are in Canada, we have got good news for you! You can easily watch the thrilling season on Peacock TV in Canada with the help of a VPN. A VPN allows you to bypass geographic restrictions, letting you stream the show from anywhere in the world.

Feel free to explore different Peacock TV subscription plans and find the one that suits you the best. The best part? You can cancel the subscription anytime you want without any hassle. Let’s get you started on setting up the perfect binge-watching session with Peacock TV’s flexible plans!

Streaming Platform Plan and Prices
Peacock TV– Basic Plan is Free (on-demand content library with ads)
– Premium plan for CA$6.24/ Month (on-demand content library with ads, offline download)
– Premium Plus plan for CA$12.51/ Month (on-demand content library without ads, offline download, local NBC channel live)

Best VPNs to Watch Stream Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 on Hulu in Canada

Are you looking for the best VPNs to watch Hulu in Canada? Here are the best two options!

1- ExpressVPN

Looking for the best VPN to enhance your streaming experience? ExpressVPN stands tall as a superior choice, boasting user-friendly apps equipped with state-of-the-art privacy features, including military-grade AES-256 encryption. The service ensures exceptional streaming with an impressive choice of over 3000 servers over 94 countries, all guaranteeing high-speed connections and excellent performance. Plus, with the unique MediaStreamer feature, even devices typically not supported by VPNs can join in on the streaming fun. Should you run into any issues, the 24/7 customer support is ready to assist you. The service offers a range of affordable plans including a 1-month option for CA$13.54, a 6-month plan for CA$79.87, and a yearly package at CA$135.30, catering to various needs and budgets. Choose ExpressVPN for a smooth, secure, and unrestricted streaming journey.

2- NordVPN

Imagine having NordVPN as your shield, ensuring a safe and simple online streaming adventure as you delve into the episodes of Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7. Not only does it act as a guardian angel for your internet journeys with its vast network of servers and top-notch security features, but it also offers compatibility with other streaming giants like Hulu, Disney+, and Sling TV, just like ExpressVPN does. What’s more, if you’re a tech-savvy individual with multiple devices at hand, NordVPN has got you covered – it allows you to connect up to six devices all at once, standing as the ultimate multi-tasking companion in your digital world. Stay protected and enjoy a seamless streaming experience with NordVPN!

Gear Up for a Dragon Adventure: Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 is Almost Here!

The dragons are flying back to our screens very soon! Mark the date – September 14, 2023, because that’s when you can watch them on Hulu and Peacock TV. Get ready for a season full of exciting new adventures and beautiful sights that will take your breath away.

What is Dragons the Nine Realms about?

Dragons: The Nine Realms is a fun new show set 1300 years after the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies. A group of kids find a secret world of dragons and start becoming friends with them. It’s a show full of magic, friendship, and exciting adventures. Get ready to meet new dragon buddies and explore cool places with them! Don’t miss the chance to join this wild ride through the nine enchanting realms.

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Plot

In Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7, in the quiet Rakke town, a dark cloud of danger hangs as the menacing Buzzsaw threatens peace and safety. It’s up to the brave Riders to secure the precious Book of Dragons and prevent it from falling into his evil clutches, a mission that is vital in safeguarding the future of all dragons. Meanwhile, Sledkin’s exploration venture takes an unexpected turn, uncovering not only a previously unknown realm but also introducing the powerful Glass Caster dragon to the tale. It’s a race against time filled with peril and new discoveries, as viewers are invited to witness the drama unfold in a landscape where mystery meets adventure.

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Trailer

The expectation is building up, and nothing has fans more excited than the trailer recently released. The trailer shows adventurous tales filled with thrilling dragon rides and epic battles. It sets a perfect stage for the drama and the excitement that awaits. Have a look!

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Cast

Have a look at the stars who have given our favourite characters a voice, and made the series a success!

Stars Characters
Jeremy ShadaTom Kullersen
Aimee Garcia Alex Gonzalez 
Ashley Liao Jun Wong
Marcus ScribnerD’Angelo Baker
Vincent Tong Eugene Wong
Julia Stiles Olivia Kullersen 
Keston John Philip Baker

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Episode Guide

Want to know what each episode of the season is about? Have a look

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Episode 1- Hos and Saw

Phil is on the verge of closing down D’Angelo’s freshly established dragon hospital and prohibiting dragons from entering ICARIS. It is up to D’Angelo and a tiny Hobgobbler to persuade him to reconsider his harsh decision.

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Episode 2- Hearts of Heroes

Tom finds himself grappling with his emotions for Jun, a struggle that only intensifies when they end up trapped inside a mammoth tree. Their only company? A nervous group of Woodchipper dragons dwelling within the tree.

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Episode 3- Hearts of Glass

A perilous new dragon named Glass Caster emerges, posing a serious threat to Tom and the Riders. Now, it’s up to Thunder to marshal the Hero Dragons and forge a plan to rescue them from impending danger.

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Episode 4- In the Cards

A tarot card session led by Jun hints at the potential dissolution of the Riders team. Determined to prevent this, Jun insists on unity, urging the group to remain cohesive while on a mission to find a dragon that has penetrated the defences of Rakke Town.

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Episode 5- Eugene’s Lean Mean Extreme Dream Team

Following the breakup of the Dragon Riders, Eugene tries to shake off his ennui by assembling members from ICARIS to form a brand new dragon club, aiming to foster a spirit of camaraderie and adventure once again.

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Episode 6- 404 Alex Not Found

Seeking solitude, Alex takes a solitary trip to the Hidden World. She wishes to distance herself from the other Dragon Riders for a while but ends up falling into Buzzsaw’s trap, an unexpected and unwelcome turn of events.

Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7 Episode 7- Rise of Jörmundgandr

The Dragon Riders must put aside their discord to embark on a high-stakes race against time. Their mission is to locate a mythical, hazardous dragon in the Dark Realm before Buzzsaw manages to find it first, setting the stage for a gripping confrontation.

Fan reactions- Dragons the Nine Realms Season 7


What are the IMDb ratings for Dragons the Nine Realms?

The IMDb ratings for the show Dragons the Nine Realms are 5.3/10.

What is Dragons the Nine Realms genre?

The genre of the show is Action and Animation

Is Dragons the Nine Realms on Amazon Prime?

No, the show is currently not available on Amazon Prime


As we gear up for the thrilling return to the dragon-infused world of Berk in Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7, it’s evident that a roller-coaster of emotions and adventures awaits us. Releasing on September 14, 2023, on both Hulu and Peacock TV, this season promises new realms to explore and unprecedented challenges for our beloved dragon riders. For viewers in Canada, remember to set up a reliable VPN to enjoy the season seamlessly on Hulu. Let’s buckle up for a journey of friendship, discovery, and exhilarating dragon rides through the nine realms. Don’t miss out on the enthralling tales of courage, friendship, and the magical world of dragons!

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