Watch ‘Secret Life Of The Safari Park’ In Canada For Free On Channel 4

Prepare for a captivating expedition into the heart of the wild as you watch Secret Life Of The Safari Park in Canada. This docuseries will unfold its enchanting tales on Channel 4, on January 04, 2024. This six-part series takes you on an exclusive safari adventure within Knowsley Safari, the UK’s longest safari drive. Narrated by the talented Lancashire actress Maxine Peake, the show not only unveils the secrets of the animal kingdom but also brings to life the humor and awe-inspiring encounters of over 500,000 yearly visitors. 

Canadian viewers, get ready to witness the wonders of Knowsley Safari for free on Channel 4 with the aid of a VPN. Every Thursday at 8:00 PM, immerse yourself in the extraordinary lives of diverse creatures, promising an unforgettable safari experience from the comfort of your home.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Secret Life Of The Safari Park In Canada

Follow these simple steps to watch Secret Life Of The Safari Park

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to Channel 4

  5. Watch Secret Life Of The Safari Park on Channel 4

Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch Secret Life Of The Safari Park on Channel 4 In Canada?

Using a VPN will enable viewers to watch Secret Life of the Safari Park on Channel 4 regardless of their location. While UK residents have free access to the channel, those in Canada will need a dependable VPN for the best streaming experience.

Where To Watch Secret Life Of The Safari Park In Canada?

This captivating show is accessible through Channel 4. However, for viewers residing outside the UK, especially in Canada, using a VPN is necessary to tune into the program. To watch Secret Life of the Safari Park in Canada on Channel 4, a VPN is recommended. For an enriched streaming experience, acquiring a Channel 4 subscription is the solution, available at an affordable CA$6.66 monthly rate. Exploring the channel’s content is also possible through a free trial. Subscribing to the channel grants access to a range of top-notch shows and movies on Channel 4.

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What is the release date of Secret Life Of The Safari Park?

Mark your calendars for the captivating premiere of Secret Life of the Safari Park at 8:00 PM on Thursday, January 4, 2024, exclusively on Channel 4. Join the adventure as the series unfolds the extraordinary stories within the diverse animal kingdom of Knowsley Safari.

Secret Life Of The Safari Park About

From the creators of The Supervet and The Secret Life of the Zoo comes a captivating six-part series, Secret Life of the Safari Park, shining a spotlight on Knowsley Safari, the UK’s longest safari drive. Home to hundreds of wild animals from around the globe, the park welcomes over half a million visitors annually to witness some of Earth’s rarest species up close. Narrated by Maxine Peake, the series delves deep into the lives of these extraordinary animals and their dedicated caretakers. Featuring an amusing cast of human visitors, their reactions are candidly captured via dashcams in their cars. 

The show promises exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, showcasing the amazing animals, committed keepers, and the humorous interactions with visitors. Each week at 8 pm, viewers are invited on a captivating journey into the remarkable lives of some of the planet’s rarest and most endangered creatures, providing a unique opportunity to discover the fascinating background stories of these animals. Don’t miss this special television series, promising to unveil Knowsley Safari in an unprecedented light.

Is the trailer of Secret Life Of The Safari Park available?

Unfortunately, the trailer for Secret Life Of The Safari Park is not available. Stay tuned for the premiere on Channel 4 on January 4, 2024, at 8:00 PM, to witness the extraordinary lives of the diverse animals at Knowsley Safari.

Secret Life Of The Safari Park Talented Ensemble

  1. Maxine Peake (Narrator): A Lancashire actress with a captivating voice, Maxine Peake leads viewers on a fascinating journey into the incredible lives of some of the rarest and most endangered creatures on earth. Her narration provides a unique opportunity to delve into the background stories of the animals.
  1. Zookeeper Team: The dedicated keepers at Knowsley Safari, featured in the series, play a crucial role in caring for the extraordinary animals. Viewers will get an inside look at their daily routines, challenges, and the deep bond they share with the animals.
  1. 500,000+ Safari Guests: The series captures the often hilarious reactions of the 500,000+ guests who visit Knowsley Safari each year. Their interactions and encounters with the animals, as well as their humorous moments, are candidly showcased, adding a human touch to the wildlife-focused narrative.
  1. Animals: The true stars of the show are the extraordinary animals at Knowsley Safari. From charismatic baboons to majestic lions and awe-inspiring rhinos, the series provides an in-depth look into the lives, behaviors, and challenges faced by these captivating creatures.

Secret Life Of The Safari Park Episodes

Episode 1 – January 04, 2024

Join the wildlife spectacle at 8:00 PM in Episode 1 as Knowsley Safari’s lush landscapes reveal secrets. Explore the captivating dynamics of an African lion pride, witness a Congo buffalo calf’s birth, follow Cosmo, a mischievous Fallow deer, and witness Kevin the baboon’s heartwarming coming-of-age antics.

More Episodes


Fan Frenzy – Reviews

Fans are reacting with overwhelming enthusiasm to Secret Life Of The Safari Park. Social media buzz is palpable, with viewers expressing awe at the intimate portrayal of diverse wildlife and the humorous interactions captured during visitors’ experiences. The captivating dynamics of African lion prides, heart-stopping moments like the Congo buffalo calf’s birth, and the mischievous escapades of animals like Cosmo the Fallow deer have become fan favorites. The series has sparked discussions, with audiences appreciating the unique blend of education and entertainment. As the show unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate each episode, making it a must-watch for wildlife enthusiasts and curious minds alike.


How many episodes are there in the series?

Secret Life Of The Safari Park consists of a six-part series.

Where is the show filmed?

The series is filmed at Knowsley Safari, the longest safari drive in the UK, home to hundreds of wild animals.

Who narrates the series?

Lancashire actress Maxine Peake serves as the narrator, guiding viewers through the fascinating lives of the featured animals.

Summing it Up

Embark on a wild journey with Secret Life Of The Safari Park on Channel 4, bringing the captivating stories of Knowsley Safari to your screens. For Canadian viewers, the adventure is just a VPN away. Watch every Thursday at 8:00 PM for an exclusive rendezvous with the extraordinary inhabitants of the safari. Don’t miss this chance to explore the wonders of the wild, all for free on Channel 4. Tune in and let the magic of Knowsley Safari unfold in the comfort of your home.

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