10 Best Shows Of All Times On Channel 4 In Canada

Howdy, friend! If you’re after some top-notch entertainment, you don’t need to search far, eh? Channel 4 is a solid pick, the best shows on Channel 4 will definitely float your boat. Whether you’re into drama or action-packed goodies, Channel 4 has been a goldmine of engaging and mind-boggling TV series. From gripping dramas to quirky comedies, this network’s got a little something for everyone, I tell ya. In this thorough guide, we’ll dive deep into some of the finest shows that have graced our screens, eh?

What makes these Channel 4 Shows the best?

No problemo, buddy! These movies aren’t just randomly tossed in, we’ve carefully selected them using IMDb’s top-notch data to bring you the best of the best on Channel 4. IMDb, it’s a winner for folks who love TV shows like us. It keeps track of what people think, the reviews, and how much excitement a show generates. When you see a show on this list, you can be darn sure it’s left a real good impression on fellow TV buffs, and that’s why it’s worth checking out. So, no need for more chit-chat, let’s dive right in, eh?

1. It’s a Sin (2021)

IMDb Rating9.1/10
Cast Olly Alexander, Lydia West, Nathaniel Curtis
Where Else To Watch “It’s a Sin” in CanadaStan, fetch, Apple TV

– “It’s a Sin” transcends the boundaries of conventional television, tackling a pivotal moment in history with grace and authenticity. This heart-wrenching drama from Russell T. Davies transports viewers to the 1980s and immerses them in the lives of a group of friends grappling with the AIDS epidemic. The series serves as both a poignant reminder of the era’s challenges and a celebration of resilience and friendship. “It’s a Sin” has not only resonated with audiences but has also sparked important conversations about social and health issues.

It is a Sin
(TV insider)

2. The Curse (2022)

IMDb Rating6.7/10
Cast Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Bill Skarsgård
Where Else To Watch “The Curse” in CanadaBritbox, Apple TV

– “The Curse” has taken the world by storm with its gripping narrative and supernatural allure. Set in a town shrouded in mystery, the show deftly blends elements of horror, suspense, and drama. The curse that haunts the town’s inhabitants serves as the central enigma, and as the series unfolds, viewers are drawn deeper into its dark secrets. With its eerie atmosphere and a storyline that keeps audiences guessing, “The Curse” has solidified its place as a modern television masterpiece.

The Curse 

3. Peepshow (2003)

IMDb Rating8.6/10
Cast David M, Robert Webb, Olivia Colman
Where Else To Watch “Peepshow” in CanadaBritbox, iview, Apple TV

“Peepshow” is not just a sitcom; it’s a cult classic that has left an indelible mark on British comedy. This one-of-a-kind series takes a first-person point-of-view approach to explore the lives of two socially awkward flatmates, Mark and Jeremy. With its groundbreaking camera work and sharp humor, “Peepshow” provides a satirical and cringe-worthy glimpse into the absurdities of everyday life. Channel 4’s willingness to push boundaries and experiment with narrative structure has resulted in a comedy series that continues to be beloved by audiences.


4. I am Ruth (2020)

IMDb Rating8.4/10
Cast Ruth Langsford (host)
Where Else To Watch “I am Ruth” in CanadaApple TV

“I am Ruth” is a testament to the power of human resilience and determination. This captivating documentary series celebrates individuals who have triumphed over adversity, showcasing their inspiring journeys of personal growth and transformation. Each episode introduces viewers to a remarkable person whose experiences resonate deeply, leaving a lasting impression of hope and courage. Channel 4’s dedication to sharing these powerful stories has made “I am Ruth” a beacon of inspiration.

I am Ruth

5. Misfits (2009)

IMDb Rating8.2/10
Cast Robert Sheehan, Iwan Rheon, Lauren Socha
Where Else To Watch “Misfits” in CanadaStan, Apple TV

“Misfits” carved its own niche in the world of television by offering a fresh take on the superhero genre. The series introduces viewers to a group of young offenders who gain superpowers after a mysterious storm. What sets “Misfits” apart is its dark humor, memorable characters, and its ability to intertwine the supernatural with the everyday struggles of its protagonists. Channel 4’s ingenuity shines through in this cult classic, which continues to find new fans years after its original run this is why it is one of the best shows on Channel 4.

(Courtesy by Channel 4)

6.Deceit (2021)

IMDb Rating8.2/10
Cast Niamh Algar, Eddie Marsan, Harry Treadaway
Where Else To Watch “Deceit” in CanadaApple TV

In “Deceit,” Channel 4 offers a haunting portrayal of a true crime saga that continues to captivate audiences. The series meticulously recreates the harrowing hunt for the “Babes in the Wood” killer, immersing viewers in the complexities of the investigation. Niamh Algar’s performance is nothing short of mesmerizing as she navigates the intricate web of deception and manipulation. “Deceit” stands as a testament to Channel 4’s commitment to delivering gripping and emotionally charged narratives.

(Channel 4)

7. The Great (2020)

IMDb Rating8.2/10
Cast Elle Fanning, Phoebe Fox, Gwilym Lee
Where Else To Watch “That’s Great” in CanadaStan, Fetch, Apple TV

“That’s Great” is a breath of fresh air in the world of comedy. In 18th-century Russia, there was this fancy lady, a real royal type. She had to make a tough decision. She could either pick what made her happy or what was best for all of Russia. The reason? She was getting hitched to the Emperor, and that’s a big deal! So, she had to choose between her own joy and what’s good for the whole country. Tough call, right?

The Great
(Galaxy Magazine)

8. Shameless (2004)

IMDb Rating8.0/10
Cast David Threlfall, Rebecca Atkinson, Alice Barry
Where Else To Watch “Shameless” in CanadaBinge, Foxtel, Netflix, Apple TV

Fiona Gallagher, the eldest daughter of Frank steps in, to take on the duties of parenthood for her siblings (Lip, Ian, Dibbie, Carl and Liam), because their alcoholic father who spends his days being high has no concern for his six kids, .

Six kids residing in South Chicago have a rough time due to their father. However, Fiona balances her personal life and sibling responsibilities, every new day brings crazy situations which will teach them to take better care of themselves in this chaotic world

(Tv Insider)

9. Deadwater Fell (2020) –

IMDb Rating7.3/10
Cast David Tennant, Cush Jumbo, Anna Madeley
Where Else To Watch “Deadwater Fell” in CanadaBinge, Britbox

The allure of “Deadwater Fell” lies in its ability to craft a gripping thriller that transcends typical crime drama. Starring David Tennant and Cush Jumbo, the series unveils a small-town tragedy filled with secrets and lies. As the layers of deception are peeled back, viewers are taken on a harrowing journey into the darker aspects of human nature. “Deadwater Fell” is a masterclass in suspense, showcasing Channel 4’s commitment to delivering captivating storytelling.

Deadwater fell

10. Reckoning (2019)

IMDb Rating6.6/10
Cast Aden Young, Sam Trammell, Simone Kessell
Where Else To Watch “Reckoning” in CanadaApple TV

“Reckoning” offers a psychological thriller experience like no other. The series delves deep into the life of a detective whose world unravels when he discovers that his own teenage son is a serial killer. What sets “Reckoning” apart is its relentless exploration of moral dilemmas and the intricate web of lies and guilt that ensnare the characters. With compelling performances and an unrelenting sense of tension, “Reckoning” stands as a haunting examination of the human psyche.

(heavens of horror)


Channel 4 stands as a beacon of exceptional storytelling and innovation in British television. This lineup of the “Best Shows on Channel 4” represents a testament to the network’s commitment. To delivering diverse and thought-provoking content that leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

From the supernatural allure of “The Curse” to the haunting true crime saga of “Deceit”. The heartfelt exploration of a pivotal era in “It’s a Sin,” Channel 4 has consistently pushed boundaries. Creating captivating narratives that resonate with viewers. That’s Great” brings a refreshing twist to comedy, while “Deadwater Fell” and “Reckoning” delve into the depths of suspense and psychological intrigue. “Misfits” reimagines the superhero genre with dark humor, “Allied” offers a gripping espionage thriller set during World War II, and “I am Ruth” celebrates the indomitable human spirit. Lastly, “Peepshow” remains a timeless classic that has forever changed the landscape of British comedy, look no further than Channel 4, without a doubt these are the best shows on Channel 4 for a reason!

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