Watch ‘EastEnders: The Six’ In Canada On BBC iPlayer For FREE

Prepare for the eagerly awaited Christmas storyline in EastEnders! Set to premiere on Monday, December 11, 2023, on BBC3 and BBC iPlayer in the UK, EastEnders: The Six presents a captivating 30-minute documentary focusing on the beloved Walford matriarchs. Hosted by former cast member Joe Swash, the show will delve deep into the lives of these characters. To watch EastEnders: The Six in Canada on BBC iPlayer, simply subscribe to a reliable VPN to enhance your viewing experience while in Canada.

Quick Steps to Watch EastEnders: The Six in Canada for FREE

Follow these simple steps to watch Drill on trial

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the Uk

  4. Login to BBC 3

  5. Watch EastEnders: The Six on BBC 3

Where to watch EastEnders: The Six in Canada

The premiere of EastEnders: The Six is scheduled for BBC3 and BBC iPlayer exclusively in the UK. All you can do is get access of BBC iPlayer and BBC 3 so that you can watch EastEnders: The Six in Canada for free without any restrictions To catch this anticipated show from Canada, securing a trustworthy VPN with an efficiently optimized British server is essential for accessing BBC iPlayer. This ensures a seamless viewing experience of EastEnders: The Six despite geographical restrictions.

Why use a VPN to watch EastEnders: The Six in Canada?

To watch EastEnders: The Six on BBC iPlayer in Canada, a VPN is a valuable solution. By masking your location, it simulates access from the UK, overcoming geographical restrictions set by streaming platforms. This approach bypasses content licensing policies and geo-restrictions implemented by the platform, enabling access to desired content regardless of location. You will be able to watch many more programs available on the platform

Best VPN to watch EastEnders: The Six in Canada

After weighing various available choices and their outcomes, we’ve landed on the ideal solution. ExpressVPN stands out as the best VPN for BBC iPlayer,, renowned globally for its quality and cost-effectiveness. With this service, you’ll access EastEnders: The Six in Canada without charge, making it a reliable and affordable option for viewers. The Subscription plan is given below

Subscription PlanCost in CAD
Yearly TV License Fee$175.54
Weekly Cost$3.33
Monthly Cost$14.47

EastEnders: The Six Release Date

The exclusive 30-minute feature, EastEnders: The Six, is set to debut on BBC 3 and BBC iPlayer on Monday, December 11, 2023, exclusively in the UK. Details regarding its international release date remain undisclosed.

About EastEnders: The Six

The forthcoming EastEnders special, “The Six,” will delve into the enigmatic demise of a male character, a storyline teased by the show since February. Viewers can anticipate glimpses of the deceased individual as part of the Christmas Special. Characters Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale, Suki Panesar, Sharon Watts, Linda Carter, and Denise Fox were depicted near the deceased man during Sharon’s wedding. The special episode is likely to engage in discourse about this mysterious death

Let’s take a look into the Trailer of EastEnders: The Six

The frequent discussions on YouTube surrounding the upcoming EastEnders episode showcase a mix of anticipation and speculation. Fans are actively predicting potential twists, debating the likely victims, and even deciphering cryptic details from the trailers. Speculations vary widely, from pointing fingers at characters with suspicious behaviors to contemplating unforeseen plotlines. Some are eager for a dramatic turn, imagining multiple murders or unexpected alliances among the characters

Who is in the cast of EastEnders: The Six

Cast Characters
Joe SwashHost
Denise FoxDiane Parish
Kathy CottonGillian Taylforth
Linda CarterKellie Bright
Sharon WattsLetitia Dean
Stacey SlaterLacey Turner

Who is the Host of EastEnders: The Six?

Joseph Adam Swash, an English actor and TV host, gained fame as Mickey Miller on BBC One’s EastEnders and through diverse presenting roles on ITV2. He emerged victorious in the eighth season of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in 2008 and claimed the championship in the twelfth season of “Dancing on Ice” in 2020.

Fan’s Enthusiastic reactions!

Twitter is flooded with enthusiastic posts as people eagerly anticipate the show’s release. Some are curious about its platform, adding to the buzz. The high fan engagement hints at a promising reception for the upcoming release.

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Can I stream BBC in Canada?

BBC iPlayer, a no-cost streaming platform, is exclusively accessible within the UK. Hence, if you’re in Canada, utilizing a VPN to connect to a UK server is necessary to access it.

How can I watch Eastenders: The Six in Canada?

The episode will be available on BBC iPlayer. To watch Eastenders: The Six in Canada on BBC iPlayer at no cost, simply subscribe to a VPN.

How can I get British channels in Canada?

We suggested ExpressVPN for this need. It’s the most dependable choice, granting access to all UK TV channels in Canada using the appropriate IP address. While it’s a premium service, free providers typically struggle to unblock channels from this specific country.

Final Thoughts

For more than thirty years, EastEnders has captivated audiences as a beloved British series. Set to air on December 11, 2023, on BBC and BBC iPlayer, the highly anticipated episode, EastEnders: The Six, continues the tradition of engaging fans with its compelling storyline. To watch EastEnders: The Six in Canada on BBC iPlayer for free, get a trustworthy VPN subscription. We suggest Express VPN for the best streaming experience.

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