Watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 In Australia on ITVX for Free

Are you ready to experience the thrill and excitement of one of the UK’s most beloved talent shows from Down Under? Watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 in Australia and don’t miss a beat of this exhilarating competition. As the show returns with its 17th season, filled with awe-inspiring performances and jaw-dropping talents, Australian fans can look forward to being part of the action-packed journey. Premiering on April 20, 2024, on ITV1 and ITVX, this season promises to showcase a dazzling array of performers, all competing for the prestigious chance to appear at the Royal Variety Performance and win a £250,000 prize. Whether you’re a fan of mesmerizing magicians, sensational singers, or captivating dance troupes, Britain’s Got Talent 2024 has something to spark everyone’s interest. However, due to geographical restrictions, tuning in from Australia requires a clever workaround. This article will guide you through how to seamlessly access the show using a VPN, ensuring that you can enjoy every moment as it unfolds.

Quick Steps to Watch Britain's Got Talent 2024 In Australia on ITVX for Free

Follow these simple steps to watch Britain's Got Talent 2024 In Australia

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to ITVX

  5. Watch your favorite content on ITVX

Where To Watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 In Australia?

In Australia, enthusiasts of Britain’s Got Talent can access the newest season through ITVX, the specialized streaming service for ITV’s diverse content lineup. ITVX offers a variety of programs spanning from drama to reality TV, including the highly awaited Britain’s Got Talent 2024. However, there’s a snag for Australian viewers: ITVX is geographically restricted to the UK, limiting access to viewers located within the UK as per broadcasting rights and licensing agreements. To navigate around these streaming obstacles, a reliable VPN is essential.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 In Australia?

To watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 in Australia, using a VPN is essential due to the geographical restrictions imposed by ITVX, the official streaming platform for the show. ITVX is only accessible within the UK, employing geo-blocking technologies that prevent access from outside the country. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to connect to the internet via a server located in the UK. This masks your actual location in Australia and assigns you a UK IP address, making it appear as though you are browsing from within the UK.

This not only enables access to Britain’s Got Talent but also ensures that you can enjoy the show in real-time, alongside UK viewers, without waiting for local broadcasts or finding less reliable streaming options. Additionally, a VPN enhances your online privacy and security by encrypting your internet connection and protecting your personal data from potential cyber threats. Therefore, for fans of BGT in Australia, a VPN is not just a tool for unblocking content but also a means of ensuring a safer and more seamless viewing experience.

Best VPN To Watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 in Australia

To watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 in Australia, selecting a top-notch VPN is crucial. Here are two highly recommended options:

1. ExpressVPN

  • US servers: Multiple servers are available in USA.
  • Servers Availability: 3000+ servers in 105 countries
  • Simultaneous connections: 5 devices
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-day
  • Speed: 88 Mbps on a 100 Mbps internet connection
  • Works with: ITVX, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, Spotify, and more
  • Compatibility: macOS, Windows, Android, Linux, routers, and more
  • Customer Support: 24/7

ExpressVPN stands out as one of the top choices for you to watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 in Australia due to its exceptional speed, reliability, and security features. Known for its fast connection speeds, ExpressVPN ensures smooth streaming of high-definition video content without interruptions. With a vast network of servers in the UK, users can easily obtain a UK IP address and bypass ITVX’s geo-restrictions. Additionally, ExpressVPN prioritizes user privacy with strong encryption protocols and a strict no-logs policy, guaranteeing that online activities remain confidential and secure. These qualities make ExpressVPN an excellent option for Australians seeking to access geo-blocked content like “Britain’s Got Talent 2024” from anywhere in the country.

  • Price: $6.67/month (AUD 10.13/month)
  • Exclusive 1-year plans: Up to 49% savings and 3 months free
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-day
  • Free trial: 7-day trial available through iOS and Android devices

2. PIA VPN (Private Internet Access)

  • Server Coverage: Over thousands of servers across more than 70 countries
  • Key Features:
    • 256-bit encryption
    • Kill switch functionality
    • Protection against DNS leaks
    • Supports WireGuard®, PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec protocols
    • Built-in ad, tracker, and malware blocking
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with ITVX, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and others
  • Torrenting: Full support for torrenting and P2P activities on all servers, with no bandwidth limits
  • Support: Access to professional support via live chat and email.

For viewers wanting to watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 in Australia, PIA VPN (Private Internet Access) offers an excellent solution, combining affordability, security, and extensive server coverage. PIA VPN boasts a large network of servers, including multiple ones in the UK optimized for streaming, ensuring a stable and fast connection for smooth viewing on platforms like ITVX. With a steadfast commitment to user privacy, PIA VPN employs a strict no-logs policy and robust encryption to safeguard online activities. Its competitive pricing and user-friendly interface make it an appealing choice for Australians looking to access UK-based content such as Britain’s Got Talent 2024 with ease and peace of mind.

  • Pricing: Affordable $2.19/month (AUD 3.32/month) 2-year plan with an 82% discount
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Britain’s Got Talent 2024 Release Date

The show is scheduled to return on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at 7:30 pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

Britain’s Got Talent 2024 About

Britain’s Got Talent 2024 continues the tradition of showcasing extraordinary talent across the UK. With its 17th season, the show brings together a diverse array of performers, from singers and dancers to magicians and comedians, all vying for the chance to impress the judges and win the coveted prize. Hosted by the dynamic duo Ant and Dec and featuring a panel of seasoned judges, the show promises exhilarating entertainment and heartwarming moments. As contestants compete for the opportunity to perform at the prestigious Royal Variety Performance and win a life-changing £250,000 prize, audiences can expect a series filled with surprises, emotions, and the thrill of discovering Britain’s next big star.

Watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 Trailer

The trailer for Britain’s Got Talent 2024 offers a sneak peek into the exciting talents and the much-anticipated Golden Buzzer moments. It is available on ITVX and the show’s official YouTube channel, providing fans with a glimpse of the upcoming thrills.

Meet the Contestants of Britain’s Got Talent 2024

The cast of Britain’s Got Talent 2024 is a diverse ensemble featuring singers, dancers, magicians, and comedians. Among the standout acts are the youthful cheerleading troupe, the Coventry Dynamite’s Lady Grenades, who captivate with their high-energy performances. The lineup showcases a blend of solo performers and groups, each bringing their own distinct style and charisma to the stage, promising a season filled with unforgettable talent and entertainment.

Episode Guide of Britain’s Got Talent 2024

  • Premiere: Introduction of judges and the first round of auditions.
  • Audition Episodes: Several episodes showcasing initial auditions across the UK.
  • Deliberation: Judges review performances to decide who moves forward.
  • Live Shows: Top acts perform live, competing for public votes.
  • Finals: The culmination of the season, where the top acts vie for the title.

Who Will be the Judge of Britain’s Got Talent 2024?

The judging panel remains unchanged from the previous season, featuring

  • Bruno Tonioli
  • Alesha Dixon
  • Amanda Holden
  • Simon Cowell

Who is the Host of Britain’s Got Talent 2024?

The hosts for Britain’s Got Talent 2024 are Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, commonly known as Ant and Dec. This dynamic duo has been the face of the show since its inception, bringing their charm and wit to the stage each season. They are beloved figures in British television and are known for their seamless hosting and engaging presence, making them an integral part of the show’s enduring popularity.


Can I watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 live online?

Yes, you can watch Britain’s Got Talent 2024 live online through ITVX, provided you have a VPN set up to access the service from the Australia.

Who was the first Britain’s Got Talent


Paul Potts clinched victory in the first show in 2007 with his remarkably impressive singing talent.

Will there be a Golden Buzzer moment in Britain’s Got Talent 2024?

Yes, the Golden Buzzer feature will continue in Britain’s Got Talent 2024. Each judge, along with the hosts, will have the opportunity to send an act directly to the live shows by pressing the Golden Buzzer during the auditions.


As Britain’s Got Talent embarks on its 17th season, the anticipation is palpable for yet another captivating display of unique talents. With a familiar judging panel and the charismatic hosting duo Ant and Dec returning, the show guarantees a spectacle of entertainment and awe-inspiring acts. Whether you’re watching from the UK or accessing via VPN from the Australia, this season promises to enchant audiences with its diverse talents and touching stories. Contestants vie for the chance to perform at the Royal Variety Performance and win the life-changing £250,000 prize, ensuring a series filled with surprises, emotions, and the excitement of discovery that defines Britain’s Got Talent.

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