How Can I Watch Vudu In Australia April 2024 Updated

Have you ever wondered how to watch Vudu in Australia?

As the world becomes more connected, the demand for global content access has skyrocketed. Australia, with its diverse population and love for entertainment, is no exception to this trend. Streaming platforms have revolutionized the way we consume content, and Vudu, a prominent player in this domain, has garnered significant attention.

However, while it’s a favorite for many, accessing it from Down Under presents its challenges.

Luckily, in this article, we simplify them for you. So, if you’re interested in watching Vudu in Australia, make sure to stick with us a little longer!

Overview of Vudu

Vudu, an American gem in the world of streaming, offers a unique proposition. Unlike many platforms that charge monthly fees, Vudu stands out by being free.

Yes, you read that right! Instead of a recurring membership cost, Vudu entices its audience with free content, albeit supported by ads. All you need to do is register, and a vast library opens up to you. This library isn’t just vast; it’s diverse and rich, boasting titles that have become household names. Think of binge-worthy shows like “The Office” or the epic “Games of Thrones”, and even cinematic masterpieces like “Wind River”.

But that’s not all.

For those who prefer ownership, Vudu offers a unique feature. Users can rent or purchase their favorite series and movies, even using Vudu digital cards, making it a versatile platform for all movie and TV show enthusiasts.

Is Vudu Available in Australia?

Now, here’s the catch. While Vudu offers an enticing array of content, it’s primarily catered to the American audience. Due to licensing agreements and copyright issues, Vudu’s services remain restricted to the US.

So, if you’re in Australia and try to hop onto Vudu for a quick movie night, you’re likely to be met with the dreaded geo-restriction notice. It’s a bummer, right? But don’t lose hope just yet. While Vudu might have its virtual gates closed for Australian viewers, there are ways around it.

Many Aussies have found paths to bypass these digital barriers, ensuring they don’t miss out on what Vudu has to offer. So, if you’re pondering how to watch Vudu in Australia, stay tuned, as we delve deeper into solutions in the sections to come.

How To Watch Vudu In Australia?

So, how do you break these chains and watch Vudu in Australia? If that is the question running around your mind, there here are two solutions that will help you out!

1. Watch Vudu in Australia Using a VPN

Virtual Private Networks, commonly known as VPNs, have become the go-to solution for many who want to watch Vudu in Australia. These tools not only provide a gateway to bypass geo-restrictions but also ensure a secure and anonymous online experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using a VPN for Vudu:

  • Choose a Reliable VPN Service:
    • Research and select a VPN known for its speed, security, and ability to bypass geo-restrictions.
    • Some popular choices include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost.
  • Install the VPN Software:
    • Once you’ve chosen a VPN, download and install its software on your device. Most VPNs offer applications for various platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  • Connect to a US Server:
    • Launch the VPN application and select a server located in the United States. This step is crucial as it will virtually place you in the US, allowing you to watch Vudu in Australia seamlessly.
  • Navigate to Vudu’s Website:
    • With the VPN active and connected to a US server, open your browser and visit Vudu’s official website.
    • You should now have unrestricted access, letting you enjoy your favorite content without any geo-blocks.

2. Watch Vudu in Australia Using Smart DNS Services

For those who might find VPNs a bit technical or are looking for an alternative, Smart DNS services come to the rescue. These services, like Unlocator, reroute only the necessary traffic to bypass geo-restrictions, ensuring a smooth streaming experience. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Choose a Reputable Smart DNS Service:
    • Research and pick a Smart DNS service known for its efficiency in bypassing geo-restrictions for streaming platforms.
  • Register for the Service:
    • Sign up for an account. Some services offer free trials, so you can test them out before committing.
  • Configure Your Device:
    • Follow the setup guides provided by the Smart DNS service to configure your device. This usually involves changing your device’s DNS settings.
  • Verify the Setup:
    • Once configured, visit the Smart DNS service’s website to ensure everything is set up correctly.
  • Access Vudu:
    • With the Smart DNS active, navigate to Vudu’s website. You should now be able to watch Vudu outside the USA without any restrictions.

List of Devices Compatible with Vudu

Vudu’s versatility is evident in its compatibility with a range of devices. Whether you’re an Android enthusiast or an Apple aficionado, Vudu has got you covered. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Mobile Devices:
    • Android: Available on the Google Play Store, Vudu can be easily installed on Android smartphones and tablets.
    • iOS: iPhone and iPad users can download Vudu from the Apple App Store.
  • Streaming Devices and Consoles:
    • Apple TV: Stream Vudu content seamlessly on Apple TV.
    • Chromecast: Cast Vudu from your mobile device or computer to your TV using Chromecast.
    • Gaming Consoles: Vudu is available on PlayStation (PS3 and PS4) as well as Xbox (360 and One), turning your gaming console into a streaming powerhouse.
  • Computers:
    • macOS: Access Vudu via web browsers on Mac computers.
    • Windows: PCs and laptops running Windows can access Vudu through browsers or dedicated apps.

Downloading the Vudu App

On Android Devices:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. In the search bar, type “Vudu” and hit search.
  3. Locate the official Vudu app from the search results.
  4. Tap on “Install” to download and install the app.
  5. Once installed, open the app, sign in or register, and start streaming.

On iPhone (iOS Devices):

  1. Navigate to the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Use the search function to find “Vudu”.
  3. Tap on the official Vudu app from the results.
  4. Click on “Get” to download the app.
  5. After installation, launch the app, log in or sign up, and enjoy your content.

On Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S):

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console.
  2. Search for “Vudu”.
  3. Select the Vudu app from the results and install it.
  4. Once installed, open the app, sign in, and start watching.

On PlayStation (PS4/PS5):

  1. Access the PlayStation Store from your console’s main menu.
  2. Use the search bar to find “Vudu”.
  3. Download and install the Vudu app.
  4. Launch the app, log in, and dive into your favorite shows and movies.

On Amazon Fire Stick:

  1. From the main menu, navigate to the search icon.
  2. Type in “Vudu” and search.
  3. Select the Vudu app from the displayed results.
  4. Click on “Download” or “Get” to install the app.
  5. Once the installation is complete, open Vudu, sign in, and stream away.

What To Watch On Vudu

Here are some of the best movies you can watch on Vudu:

What To Watch On Vudu
  • The Super Mario Bros
  • The Equalizer 3
  • Barbie
  • Blue Beetle
  • The Nun II


Is Vudu available on all Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Vudu is available for download on most Android and iOS devices. However, device compatibility might vary based on software updates and regional restrictions.

Why is Vudu better than other movie apps?

Vudu stands out because of its vast on-demand entertainment collection without a monthly subscription fee. It offers the latest movies and TV shows, allowing users to only pay for what they watch.

Is there a monthly fee for using Vudu?

No, Vudu operates on a pay-as-you-go model. While they offer some free content (with ads), users can rent or purchase movies and TV shows individually.


Vudu, with its vast content library and user-friendly interface, has become a sought-after streaming platform for many. While it’s primarily available in the US, Australians are not left behind. With the right tools and a bit of know-how, anyone can watch Vudu in Australia.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, gaming console, or streaming device, Vudu’s diverse content is just a few taps away.

So gear up and dive into a world of entertainment without borders.

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